Vitalik Buterin becomes fashion god with outrageous Dinosaur costume

Key Takeaways:

  • Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has been described as the ‘Crypto Prince of Fashion.’
  • Buterin disclosed that after the Merge, Ethereum's top priority is to increase blockchain scalability.
Vitalik Buterin becomes fashion god with outrageous Dinosaur costume
Vitalik Buterin Becomes Fashion God With Outrageous Dinosaur Costume Image Credit: Fausto García-Menéndez

LAGOS ( — Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin dinosaur costume is the latest bizarre whiff that has sent the Ethereum cofounder trending in the newsfeed as he continues to appear for both controversial and Ethereum Merge-related reasons.

This time, the Ethereum co-founder appeared on stage at a San Francisco conference in a green dinosaur costume.

Notably, the De University of Ethereum (UETH) co-hosted the conference entitled “Ethereum a New Era.” It had more than 1,400 attendees present looking to gain insights on the future of Ethereum at Chase Center.

Buterin moderating a panel discussion in a green dinosaur costume.
Buterin moderating a panel discussion in a green dinosaur costume.

Vitalik Buterin, moderating a panel discussion on the Ethereum Foundations’ role within the network’s ecosystem in another bold fashion statement, emerged from the tunnel entrance in a green dinosaur costume.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t Buterin’s first rodeo, as the Ethereum cofounder is known for his standout fashion preference. Previously, the Ethereum co-founder stepped on stage in a bear costume. The move provoked questions among the crypto community if he was declaring the bear market or invoking the crypto winter.

Furthermore, Buterin also previously attended the EthDenver in Shiba Inu pajamas. Notably, several people speculated that he was promoting SHIB with his choice of attire. But it is worth noting that many believe Buterin is Ryoshi, the anonymous creator of Shiba Inu.

Additionally, while Buterin presently has tongue waggling over his dinosaur out, he is never shy to debut more of them. Moreover, the crypto community seems to love it as he has been tagged as the “Crypto Prince of Fashion.”

“I love that Vitalik always looks like instead of choosing outfits at the start of his day, he’s choosing what skin to wear in VR chat lol.”

A Twitter user stated.
Ethereum's founder Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum To Increase Blockchain scalability, Says Vitalik Buterin

Meanwhile, aside from wowing the attendees at the conference with his outfit, the Ethereum cofounder also disclosed the network was looking to increase the Ethereum Blockchain scalability.

Notably, Buterin, while delivering his keynote address, said, “After the Merge, Ethereum’s top priority is to increase Ethereum blockchain scalability. Therefore, EIP-4844 (also known as proto-danksharding) will be the biggest EIP after the merge.”

He said the Merge would reduce the network’s power consumption by over 99%, making the entire blockchain more energy-efficient. Moreover, the Merge fundamentally changes a critical component of Ethereum, so there’s a significant degree of risk that the blockchain is facing with the event approaching.

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Top Ethereum executives were also present at the UETH San Francisco conference.

They include Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director of Ethereum Foundation; Justin Drake, Core Researcher of Ethereum Foundation; Dankrad Feist, Ethereum Foundation. Also present were Aditya Asgaonkar, Core Researcher of Ethereum Foundation; Barry Whitehat, Ethereum Foundation; Haichen Shen, Co-founder of Scroll; and Ariel Elperin.

They shared thoughtful insights on the role of the Ethereum Foundation within the ecosystem and how to maintain a decentralized yet coordinated structure.

Vitalik Buterin, Vitalik Buterin becomes fashion god with outrageous Dinosaur costume

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