Anonymous ETH Developer Creates Memecoin AstroPepeX (APX) Using ChatGPT

Anonymous ETH Developer Creates Memecoin AstroPepeX (APX) Using ChatGPT

New Delhi( An Ethereum developer has harnessed the power of ChatGPT to mint an ERC-20 token named AstroPepeX (APX). This AI-generated memecoin is now making waves in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized exchanges.

X (formerly known as Twitter) user CroissantETH recently unveiled their achievement, where they integrated ChatGPT into a custom application using OpenAI’s API. They Instructed ChatGPT to design and release its very own ERC-20 token, with an estimated market capitalization reaching $3.5 million.

Data retrieved from Etherscan shows that over 2,300 APX holders have engaged in 17,700 transactions since the token’s creation on September 20. 

To accomplish this feat, the developer equipped ChatGPT with the ability to deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum network. The developer fed it data on the top 10,000 traded tokens on Uniswap.

The Birth of APX: From Concept to Reality

In simple terms, ChatGPT was tasked with creating an ERC-20 token following Open Zeppelin standards. Crucially, the token’s name and other parameters were determined by values generated by ChatGPT in the code’s constructor.

However, ChatGPT’s initial attempts at naming the ERC-20 token fell short of expectations. To rectify this, the developer incorporated data from the most traded Uniswap tokens, resulting in a more fitting and organic name for the token.

After formulating name and description for the coin, ChatGPT fed both to DALL-E, an additional OpenAI tool designed for image generation. DALL-E then crafted a fitting icon for the coin.

To guarantee that the token was solely a product of ChatGPT, CroissantETH addressed concerns about private key ownership and contract management. They devised a solution that eliminated any possibility of human intervention.

“Once the contract is deployed, ownership is immediately revoked and 100% of the tokens are added alongside 2 ETH to liquidity on Uniswap upon creation.”

ChatGPT created AstroPepeX (APX), sending a total of 65,000,000,000 APX tokens and 2 ETH into Uniswap’s decentralized exchange. 

AstroPepeX Spreading Its Wings Across Exchanges

AstroPepeX (APX) swiftly found its way onto various DeFi platforms, including Poloniex, and centralized exchanges like Bitget, MEXC, and LBank. Poloniex, in particular, actively promoted the listing of APX, enabling deposits and trading starting from September 21.

AstroPepeX Spreading Its Wings Across Exchanges

AstroPepeX’s website provides links to its Ethereum address and social media channels. Notably, it boasts a community Telegram group with approximately 1,500 members. Additionally, a BuyTech bot delivers real-time updates on APX trades and its current market capitalization. However, it’s important to note that CroissantETH clarified that APX does not have an official Telegram group.

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