Axie Infinity Is First Web3 Game to Hit Apple’s App Store – AI Analytics Give Strong Buy Signal

Axie Infinity Is First Web3 Game to Hit Apple's App Store - AI Analytics Give Strong Buy Signal

Axie Infinity recently became the first Web3 game to feature in Apple’s App Store. And recent analytics from Avorak Trade indicate a strong buy signal.

Axie Infinity price

The Axie Infinity (AXS) price has been on an overall decline for the past 90 days. However, it did have a price pump with the news of the Apple AppStore listing. And while it appears that bears have seized market control, the Axie Infinity GameFi ecosystem continues to attract new users, and several analyses point to a notable increase in the AXS price in the not-too-distant future.

How to play Axie Infinity

Playing Axie Infinity requires a few key steps to get started. First, you need to acquire at least three Axies, the unique creatures in the game. To access the marketplace and buy Axies, you’ll need an Ethereum-compatible wallet like Metamask and a Ronin Wallet. Once you have your Axies, you can sync them into the game. Axie Infinity offers two main modes: Player versus Environment (PvE) Adventure Mode and Player versus Player (PvP) Arena Mode. To succeed, it’s important to understand the game’s battle mechanics, breeding system, and marketplace dynamics. Fortunately, the game provides resources to help new players start their Axie Infinity journey.

What is Avorak Trade?

Avorak Trade is a revolutionary AI-powered trading bot developed by Avorak AI. The Avorak project aims to provide traders with a one-of-a-kind solution to enhance their trading in a secure, user-friendly, and enjoyable manner. Avorak Trade can automate trades across multiple asset classes and exchanges, unlike many trading APIs or bots. The bot also uses a unique and simple command-line input system that requires a standard script instead of complex code programming, for example: ‘in my Binance spot account market buy 3000USD of AXS’

Beyond trade execution, Avorak Trade offers a comprehensive set of indicators, including overlays and notification systems, empowering users to identify market trends and pattern changes. The platform goes the extra mile by integrating with services like TradingView, providing visual support and making it easier for users to monitor and interpret trading signals effectively. Recognizing the growing news of API key leaks, Avorak AI places utmost importance on security, using AI and blockchain technologies to ensure the safety of user accounts and funds. By streamlining the trading process and offering an extensive range of features, Avorak Trade enables traders and investors to maximize their potential for success in the dynamic world of trading.

Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity Is First Web3 Game to Hit Apple’s App Store – AI Analytics Give Strong Buy Signal

How to access Avorak Trade

Users need the AVRK token to access the services offered by Avorak Trade. 1 AVRK is currently selling at $0.255 in phase 7 of Avorak’s initial coin offering (ICO). ICO token buyers get several advantages over open-market buyers, including token bonuses, substantial profits on the project’s launch day, and priority access to Avorak’s closed beta products. Crypto watchers like Ben Crypto have extensively discussed the Avorak AI project, recognizing the significance and value of its offerings.

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