What is the Best Way to Play Bitcoin Dice?

What is the Best Way to Play Bitcoin Dice?
Best Way to Play Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice is a large group of individual games that can be divided into several broader genres. Games like craps, hi-lo and some others are played widely, but not nearly to the same level as stuff like poker, slots or roulette. It has its niche, and there are some common traits such as casino game share.

Dice Games Explained

Dice games typically use dice or some substitute, obviously. But that doesn’t just mean the item. The use of dice in a game means that said game is going to be extremely random and chance-based. In some of them, you can control the playing field to a degree, but to a very limited one.

The other part of this is that dice games are often deeply competitive. Some of the oldest such games in England essentially had people throw dice one-by-one and see who got the biggest number. That’s obviously highly random, which makes it a very good type of gambling entertainment.

A typical BTC casino would have several of such games, but not too many. Dice games aren’t usually considered part of the ‘classic’ casino entertainment, although it’s still recognized as good gambling. At the very least, they’ll have craps and hi-lo, but some other games also exist.

Choice of Game

Craps and hi-lo are the only two crypto dice games on offer out of popularity both with clients and with providers. Most of the time, a casino will offer these two and some variations of them. They are the most supported, developed and exciting games, most of the time.

The intrinsic difference is that one is longer, and the other is slower, respectively. Although it’s a question of preference, shorter game sessions work better for the majority of users. It offers casual, fast-paced gambling instead of prolonged or sometimes even thoughtful gameplay such as poker or craps.

As such, it’s better to pick hi-lo if you’re new to gambling, if you seek casual experience or if you don’t want to choose at all. It’s a good go-to option, all things considered. 

How Best to Play Hi-Lo

There are several major types of hi-lo (or high-low), as well as many various. In fact, one of the more popular hi-lo varieties is the one that doesn’t even use dice. Instead, it uses cards and you need to guess if the next card is going to be higher or lower in value than the current one you see.

That has a lot to do with how earlier dice games worked, which is why a card game can be found in the dice category, even though it technically doesn’t even quality. 

The other one has you bet on the throw of your dice against the house. You should guess if the amount on your dice will be greater or lower than the amount on your opponent’s – in this case, the house – throw. It can be presented in various ways, but that’s the gist of it.

The best way to play these sorts of games is slow. With the first variety, it’s absolutely random. With the other one, you’re given a spectrum on which the throw will be cast. And, in fact, you often don’t even play against the house, but rather predict where the throw will be relative to some number on the spectrum that you chose.

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