BNB, STX, and Uwerx: Top Picks For Q3 Investment

BNB, STX, and Uwerx: Top Picks For Q3 Investment

The year’s second quarter will be over a few days from now, and market observers expect the new quarter to come with profit-yielding opportunities. BNB (BNB), Stacks (STX), and Uwerx are crypto assets analysts believe investors may find profitable during this period. We take a closer look at their profit potential below. 

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BNB (BNB) Continues Reversal on Downward Trend

BNB (BNB) wasn’t at its best in the previous month, as the top cryptocurrency experienced about 21% decline, dropping from a $300+ market price to around $220. However, the giant token has experienced a reversal from the constant decline throughout the previous month. It is gradually rallying, recording about 2.5% increase in the last week. 

BNB (BNB) has moved from its $220+ declined price to an improved price of about $240+. Despite slight corrections, the altcoin still maintains its strong reversal on the downward trend. With Bitcoin (BTC) also rallying and the market improving, experts believe BNB (BNB) will continue with its impressive run and could trade around $300+ before Q3 ends. This makes BNB (BNB) a possible profitable Q3 investment. 

Stacks (STX) Continues Impressive Boom, Sets New Month High 

Stacks (STX) is one of the most impressive crypto assets in the market currently. The cryptocurrency rally has been outstanding since the last month, with experts counting their profits. Stacks (STX) has put up an impressive number since the past week, with a 45% increase in the past week and an impressive 25% high in the last 24 hrs, moving from $0.59 to a new 30-day high of $0.75. 

The cryptocurrency’s trading volume has increased drastically in the past few weeks, with about 300% daily trading volume in the past 24 hrs. Stacks (STX) market capitalization has also increased by 25% as optimism and positivity surround the token. The coming months could be better for the altcoin, with analysts predicting a higher percentage price increase. 

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Uwerx (WERX) Tipped For A Bullish Q3 

The buzz around Uwerx isn’t going down anytime soon as more top market players adopt the project. The belief in Uwerx has increased due to the project’s transparency and developers’ efforts in active community engagements. Uwerx’s 25-year liquidity lock, 9-month team token lock, and double auditing from leading blockchain security experts have also sent positive signals about the project’s reliability and security, causing potential adopters to scramble for presale entry. 

Uwerx presale is selling out faster, and it could set out before its projected presale end period. This means you may have less time than you think if you’re yet to join the presale. Uwerx is tipped to experience a price increase anytime from now, and the expectation is for the altcoin to rally after its presale ends. 

This makes the presale entry at the point an excellent commitment with high return prospects. With the crypto project poised for success in the freelancing industry, betting against the presale token could be unwise. You should join now!

You should consider participating in the presale now, as the price is expected to rise from $0.0415 to $0.047725. To take advantage of the anticipated yield, it is advisable to place your orders before Wednesday, 28th, 18:00. After this time, orders will be completed at the corresponding price.

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