Bullish Turnaround Expected for Bitcoin (BTC); AI Altcoin Passes $3M in Presale

Bullish Turnaround Expected for Bitcoin (BTC); AI Altcoin Passes $3M in Presale

The InQubeta ($QUBE) presale has shot past the $3 million mark despite bearish sentiments in the broader cryptocurrency market that have impacted top altcoins like Bitcoin ($BTC). BTC prices have dropped by 14% in the past 30 days, and some experts believe prices are as low as they’ll go. Some say now’s the time to invest in Bitcoin before a reversal occurs.

InQubeta’s link to artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the various factors driving its presale. The project helps to advance the development of AI by providing an alternative to mainstream options. Traditional investment firms often have entry barriers, like minimum deposits that are more than most people make in a year.

InQubeta uses fractionalization and ERC20 coins to provide an alternative that’s secure, transparent, and efficient. It increases the flow of money to AI startups that need it, helping to advance the technology.

InQubeta ($QUBE) projected to outperform top altcoins

The artificial intelligence industry has reached some major milestones in the past several years. Vehicles with self-driving features are now mass-produced and financial institutions use AI programs to detect fraudulent transactions.

AI is poised to be the next major tech breakthrough and the InQubeta project is positioned right in the middle of things, funneling capital to AI starts through its crowdfunding approach. Over $1.5 trillion is expected to be directed into AI in the next several years and InQubeta plans to help funnel a substantial portion of these funds by making it easier to invest in AI on its network than going through traditional avenues.

Technological revolutions often bring massive changes, and AI won’t be any different. Millions of jobs will be lost to automation and industries will be transformed. Those who back companies that end up playing a substantial role in the AI revolution set themselves up to enjoy unprecedented returns on their investment. For example, those who purchased Bitcoin during the early days of the cryptocurrency revolution a little more than a decade ago have earned 40598513.70% returns on their investments, according to Coinmarketcap.

A new way to partner up with AI startups

There’s no need to jump through hurdles or prove how much you’ve earned in the past few years on the InQubeta network as angel investors often have to do. Startups are allowed to fundraise on the network once they’ve passed an initial assessment performed by the operations team. These firms are then allowed to create and sell equity-based ERC20 coins.

Investors browse the ERC20 token list on the InQubeta marketplace and buy the non-fungible tokens of startups they think have bright futures. $QUBE is used for all transactions on the marketplace. Investors can buy $QUBE with various cryptocurrencies, debit cards, and credit cards.

The value of tokens purchased can be monitored through each investor’s InQubeta account, and they can be sold or traded at any time.

Bitcoin, Bullish Turnaround Expected for Bitcoin (BTC); AI Altcoin Passes $3M in Presale

Bitcoin ($BTC) prices expected to surge as SEC chairman meets with Senate Banking Committee

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is set to testify in front of the Senate Banking Committee in a session titled “Oversight of the US Securities and Exchanges Commission.”

The session could impact Bitcoin prices as it’s expected to focus on topics like spot Bitcoin ETF applications and the SEC’s authority over cryptocurrencies. A U.S. judge ruled Ripple ($XRP) wasn’t a security a couple of months ago, questioning the SEC’s legal authority over the cryptocurrency space.

Gensler’s approach to cryptocurrencies hasn’t won him any fans in the crypto space as he believed cryptocurrencies are securities that should be registered with the SEC.


InQubeta is now one of the top altcoins to invest in this year as its presale generates over $3 million while other altcoins decline in value. $BTC prices might be due for a price surge, especially if positive news comes out of the Senate Banking Committee’s session with SEC chairman Gary Gensler.

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