Should You Really Buy PEPE After Its 700% Price Rally in a Month?

PEPE crypto buy or not
PEPE crypto buy or not

NOIDA ( — PEPE has emerged as a point of intense scrutiny following its 700% price rally in a bullish month for the volatile cryptocurrency market. The token’s surge catapulted the once-obscure memecoin into the limelight but reignited fears of a rugpull.

The price surge drew attention from potential investors and analysts concerned about PEPE value’s sustainability and its operations’ integrity.

ScamAlert's tweet about Pepecoin
ScamAlert’s tweet about Pepecoin. Source: X

A Closer Examination of PEPE Coin’s Ascendancy

PEPE Coin’s rapid ascent indicates the broader meme coin phenomenon, where digital currencies, often inspired by internet memes or popular culture, can experience explosive growth based on community sentiment and viral trends rather than underlying financial fundamentals.

Pepe rugpulll
PEPE price action since launch. Source: CoinStats

However, the significant price movements of PEPE crypto have raised questions about market manipulation and the potential for a precipitous decline and rugpull scams.

Concerns Over Pepecoin Rugpull Scam

Reports of significant PEPE token movements by the coin’s developers rattled the cryptocurrency community, including a transfer of tokens worth approximately $16 million to various exchanges.

Moreover, the project’s multisig wallet, which reduced the required transaction signatures, compounded the community’s doubts. Such actions stoked fears of a “rugpull” among Pepecoin investors.

A rugpull is a scam in which developers abruptly withdraw from a project, selling off assets and leaving investors with devalued tokens.

Later, the project’s developers stated that some had rug-pulled their investors. However, the Pepecoin developers stated that the despite the rugpull, investors’ money was safe. After the recent rally, fears of developers likely booking profits have reignited.

The PEPE Rugpull Allegations and Responses

In the wake of these transactions, the official PEPE Coin social media account attributed the activity to “3 ex-team members,” claiming they had executed the transfers and sales without authorization.

The development introduced a narrative of internal discord or betrayal within the PEPE Coin team, further complicating the outlook for the coin.

Pepecoin rugpulll
Calls of Pepecoin being a scam have been going on for a long time.

The revelations have had a tangible impact on PEPE Coin’s market performance, with a notable decrease in its value following the news.

Although the project’s reassurances regarding the security of remaining tokens led to a slight recovery, the incident underscored the inherent risks of investing in such volatile and lightly regulated markets.

Investment Considerations for PEPE Coin

For investors and observers, the PEPE crypto saga is a cautionary tale about the meme coin sector. The dramatic price movements and internal controversies highlight the speculative nature of these investments and the importance of due diligence.

While the allure of quick gains is undeniable, the potential for abrupt losses is a stark reminder of the risks involved. The future of Pepecoin remains uncertain, with its recent price rally and rugpull controversies serving as a microcosm of the broader challenges facing the cryptocurrency market.

Investors interested in meme coins or similar speculative assets must research before investing. The story of PEPE Coin will likely serve as a reference point for the complexities and pitfalls of meme coin investment.

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