Can Whale Accumulation Fuel Further Bitcoin and InQubeta Rallies?

Can Whale Accumulation Fuel Further Bitcoin and InQubeta Rallies?

After the recent gains made by the crypto market, the AI sector has emerged as the new hot bet of many whales. By accumulating many old and new altcoins like Bitcoin (BTC) and InQubeta (QUBE), they have fueled a bull rally for the entire market. 

Analysts who have been studying market trends and indicators feel that the scale of whale accumulation could lead to further rallies for these two cryptocurrencies. 

There’s also a section of market experts who have been quite surprised by InQubeta’s stellar rise. The platform was unveiled earlier this year and enables startups to find funding opportunities for their artificial intelligence-based projects. 

The QUBE token’s cryptocurrency ICO has crossed $4.3 million even though it’s barely halfway through the presale stages.

InQubeta: Making room for AI in the DeFi ecosystem

InQubeta is an innovative platform where startups and crypto users can discover growth opportunities that promote financial independence. For startups, InQubeta is a novel facility that connects them with genuine investors. 

InQubeta helps investors access cutting-edge projects that are leveraging elevating technologies like AI with just a few clicks. 

Its native token is QUBE, and it’s based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 network. InQubeta’s QUBE token has a deflationary model, which gives it an edge over other financial instruments. 

You might have heard about financial markets facing loss due to inflation or volatility. A deflationary model acts as a safeguard against such market turbulence. The model calls for a scarce token supply that is regulated according to market conditions. 

As a principle, a deflationary token’s supply will always be less than its demand. If it increases due to any reason, the supply balance is reinstated by burning excess coins in circulation. 

The number of tokens might increase when frequent payments are made or when tax proceeds are collected. If a crypto user wants to purchase or sell QUBE tokens, a marginal tax is levied on such transactions. As these taxes are paid with QUBE tokens, it might add to the circulation supply. 

Hence, the InQubeta team burns a small portion of the tax proceeds collected from all such transactions.

The QUBE token is a key component of InQubeta’s decentralized autonomous organization model (DAO), where all stakeholders are consulted before important decisions are finalized. If a community member has an idea that could improve the protocol, they can put it forward for discussion among other members. 

Whether the proposed changes will be implemented depends on the token holders who are given special voting privileges. Using their authority, token holders can ensure that only impactful changes are implemented and help the ecosystem’s advancement in the long term. 

There are multiple reasons why InQubeta is counted among the best altcoins for 2023, but chief among them is its unambiguous model. With no unnecessary formalities or stipulations, it makes finding the right investor for a startup project easy and manageable. The investors, too, don’t have to go through piles of documents to assess a project. 

To get started, every company is expected to initiate a rewards-based offer for the investor. These offers are converted into NFTs and then made available on an online marketplace where investors can assess, compare, and buy them. 

The platform also gives investors the option of either purchasing the entire asset or a part of it, as the NFTs can be fractionalized. 


Swiss bank to offer Bitcoin trading services

Bitcoin is among the most-demanded cryptocurrencies on the market, which was rolled out in 2009. Its native token, BTC, determines all transactional purposes on the network. 

The token supply of the Bitcoin network is fixed at 21 M coins which are released through an activity called mining.

Recently, a leading Swiss bank St.Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB), marked its foray into the world of cryptocurrencies after it announced that it would be offering Bitcoin trading to its clients. SGKB will be offering brokerage and custody services for digital assets in partnership with SEBA Bank. 

Whales have started accumulating BTC in anticipation of an upcoming rally which could further help to push prices in the long term. 



Bitcoin and InQubeta have emerged as top cryptos to invest in as they outperformed many established names to gain a hold over the market. The two tokens have their strengths that can cater to different user groups and give them the benefit of a diversified portfolio. 

While Bitcoin gives crypto users the advantage of being one of the earliest cryptocurrencies to have been launched in the world, InQubeta gives them the opportunity to invest in AI projects at the click of a button. 

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