Catheon Gaming Announces Partnership with Heatherglade to Bring Sandbox MMO game Elteria Adventures on the blockchain

Catheon Gaming (“the Company”), named by KPMG-HSBC as one of the 10 leading Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific and the world’s fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company, announced today that it is partnering with gaming industry veteran, Heatherglade, on a new blockchain title – Elteria Adventures. 

Elteria Adventures is a sandbox MMO blockchain game set in Elteria, a massive and magical planet made of voxels. Players in the game battle their way across diverse skyborne islands as they gather resources, face off against aggressive monsters, and – should they choose to enter its dangerous player versus player worlds – fight other players. 

The game integrates elements from leading gaming genres including the voxel sandbox and MMO genres. Fans of voxel sandbox games will appreciate Elteria Adventures’ rich and efficient mining, crafting, and building systems. Fighting fans will appreciate the game’s non-target combat system with a variety of weapons that can be crafted from in-game resources, and an eclectic mix of monsters to fight. 

More than just a world of adventures, Elteria also has a large number of privately owned NFT islands where players can create voxel-based structures, design and attend events, generate and store resources, socialize, set up a commercial enterprise, and more. Elteria Adventures embraces the spirit of Web3 and is working on enabling players to use their NFT objects from other games/collections when playing in Elteria. Its development team aims to partner with as many projects as possible, so that many different NFTs can be in-game characters and part of Elteria Adventures’ NFT cross-breeding system. 

Heatherglade is an award-winning international game studio with a veteran leadership team and a strong track record of both commercial and critical success. Its previous games have been downloaded over 25 million times on mobile devices and over 400 thousand times on PC, generating revenue of over USD $20 million. The studio has received numerous awards including “Most Original Game” by Gamerscom in 2020 for its PC title, Void Train. Members of the team have worked on some of the most popular games in history, such as World of Warcraft, Halo, and League of Legends. 

Catheon Gaming actively searches the market for quality games with high entertainment value to bring onto the blockchain. From SolChicksSeoul Stars and Aotuverse to the recently announced Cosmic Break and War of GAMA, the company’s portfolio has grown from one to 12 titles in less than 9 months. 

William Wu, Founder of Catheon Gaming said: “We are delighted to announce the addition of Elteria Adventures to our gaming portfolio. The title seamlessly combines fun gameplay elements from across highly grossing genres, and will be one of the first games to allow for interoperability of NFT assets from the wider Web3 ecosystem. The passionate Heatherglade team puts gameplay at the forefront, and we are thrilled to be their long-term partner on Elteria Adventures.”

Alex Ariestov, CEO of Heatherglade said: “It is a great honor to work with a focused team like Catheon on an ambitious sandbox game such as Elteria Adventures. We see huge potential in our collective efforts and expect to achieve unprecedented heights in the sandbox genre. From the first day of discussions, we have seen progress and advancements between the teams of Heatherglade and Catheon, and now we are actively starting to implement them.”

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About Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming, named by KPMG-HSBC as one of the 10 leading Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific, is the world’s fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company. Catheon Gaming is the only end-to-end platform providing world-class technical, publishing, and partnership capabilities for the world’s leading game studios, companies & brands seeking to navigate their path into web3. By being the partner of choice, Catheon Gaming has built the industry’s largest portfolio of blockchain games underpinning our vision to revolutionize the way we play, live, and earn.

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About Heatherglade

Heatherglade is comprised of an international team of like-minded professional developers and publishers, with extensive collective experience in the fields of game development, marketing, community building and the digital assets space. Boasting a large array of amazing PC and idle game titles with over 25 million downloads across all platforms and a massive database of projects and assets, Heatherglade is growing rapidly, and solidifying its suite of products for its users. United in our passion for gaming as a lifestyle, we work hard to produce the kinds of games that are, truly, by gamers and for gamers.

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, Catheon Gaming Announces Partnership with Heatherglade to Bring Sandbox MMO game Elteria Adventures on the blockchain

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