Collector ‘loses’ 4 ETH and a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to a random Twitter user

 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT
A collector ‘lost’ a Bored Ape NFT to a random user after sending 4 ETH to the wrong digital wallet. Credit: BAYC via OpenSea

Key Takeaways

  • An NFT collector ‘lost’ 4 ETH and a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to a random person who boasted about it on Twitter
  • The incident, however, looks scripted for publicity

YEREVAN ( – A Bored Aped Yacht Club (BAYC) collector was having a bad day. Not only did he send 4 ETH (about $16.457) to someone by mistake, he had to watch the lucky person call him an “idiot” on Twitter. To make matters worse, he gave him his Metamask wallet seed phrase too. As a result, he ended up losing a much-coveted Bored Ape #4178 NFT, currently listed for $215,232 on OpenSea.

The incident came to light when Fancy, the collector posted about it on Twitter. 

“Just sent 4 ETH to the wrong wallet…i had the wrong address copied on my clipboard,” 

he lamented.

While his followers offered consolations and wondered who the lucky recipient was, he revealed himself on Twitter. Cloud, the lucky user, jumped at the opportunity to blow his trumpet.

 “some idiot just sent me 4 ETH lmao buying myself a rolex,”   

he boasted.

Within minutes, Fancy was among the users encouraging him to send the 4 ETH back. Fancy came up with a short “ser pls” as a plea to Cloud. 

Cloud did not ignore his plea. However, instead of helping, he 

added insult to injury. 

“hey send me your metamask seed phrase and i’ll fix it immediately,” 

he told Fancy.

Everyone knows you don’t give away your crypto wallet seed phase, so nobody expected that message to receive a response. Before long, however, Clou had “stolen” one of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs from Fancy’s collection.

“Another day, another dollar, and another idiot #BAYC holder who sent me his wallet info! glad to be joining the @BoredApeYC family!”  

he tweeted. 

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Publicity gimmick or a real Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT theft? 

Although Cloud has since then returned the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to its owner, everything points out that this was just a publicity stunt or a joke. To begin with, the time gap between Fancy’s tweet and Cloud’s tweet is just 5 minutes. Within that short span of time, it would be impossible for Fancy to send the ETH, get confirmation on the network and reach Cloud on time for him to notice and tweet about it. Not only this, Fancy managed to see Cloud’s tweet bragging about it and commented under it within the same short span of time. 

For someone as experienced as Fancy with several NFTs in his OpenSea account alone, he would have known better. Obviously, these two guys got bored and were only seeking attention. Well, they got some. 

nft bored ape yacht club
Fancy’s Twitter profile describes him as a professional money loser. Credit: Twitter

After all, if your Twitter profile biography reads “professional money loser,” you’d better be acting like you’re losing some money to get attention. 

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