Criticizing Dogecoin Leads to Account Suspension of Prominent Crypto YouTuber

Criticizing Dogecoin Leads to Account Suspension of Prominent Crypto YouTuber
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Yerevan ( — Dogecoin (DOGE), the famous meme-cryptocurrency, is apparently baring its teeth, as Youtube suspends another crypto channel.

Coffeezilla, a prominent Youtube channel exposing hoaxes and scams, has recently made a video criticizing Dogecoin and pointing out how risky the cryptocurrency really is. Much wow for Coffeezilla when Youtube shut the channel down altogether.

The analyst behind the channel came forth with a tweet, suspecting Doge supporters simply reported the video as violating the platform’s guidelines. That was enough for the Google-owned video website to close the whole channel.

Dogecoin is infamous for being propelled mainly by the hype its supporters create on social media.

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The Youtuber unsurprisingly made another video as soon as the Coffeezilla channel was back and explained his views on what happened.

Dogecoin’s reputation is not yet suffering as a result, however. The token is trading at $0.65 after logging a 144 percent gain amid the altcoin season wave that started April 26.

Dogecoin riding the alt-wave. Source: DOGEUSD on
Dogecoin riding the alt-wave. Source: DOGEUSD on

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When it comes to crypto channels, the incident is hardly singular, as many such suspensions have happened before.

YouTube Witch Hunt

The video platform shut down two more crypto-related channels BTC Sessions and Tone Vays this month alone. Some creators alleged that Youtube is targeting crypto content, and there’s an ongoing campaign against crypto channels. However, the video platform reopened them in less than 24 hours.

Both channels commented that YouTube deleted the login itself as well. The creators couldn’t use the platform on their own devices to “watch other people’s content.”

Crypto Crow, The Moon, and Ivan on tech are other channels that faced surprised bans from YouTube. However, in all these cases, the video streaming service restored the channels.

According to Forbes, a similar “purge” took place back in 2019. Apparently, Google decided to dispose of crypto-related videos by the hundreds. YouTube later referred to this “crypto-purge” as an “error”. YouTube officials explained that having to deal with thousands of videos daily, they sometimes “make the wrong call”. They added that the team reinstates the videos after they see the mistake.

Purge, or not, Cofeezilla called relying on Youtube alone “stupid” and called himself out for being naïve. The Youtuber called the situation a “toxic relationship”. He also added that the Dogecoin video is still available on his channel. Clearly, the only result YouTube achieved is making the content more popular.

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Youtube, Criticizing Dogecoin Leads to Account Suspension of Prominent Crypto YouTuber

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