Crypto Processing Platform Calypso Pay Adds Support for Tron, Polygon And BSC

 Calypso Pay, an all-in-one crypto processing & acquiring platform, announced it has added support for new currencies on Tron, Polygon and BSC. The list of new currencies includes USDT TRC-20, USDT on Polygon, MATIC, BNB and BUSD. Now Calypso Pay users can make and accept payments in these crypto currencies, initiate mass payouts, and more. 

Calypso Pay allows receiving payments from the clients fast in a secure way and paying the partners or workers almost instantly. With Calypso Pay, you can create invoices and/or use payment widget to accept payments, initiate payouts for individuals or make payments up to 1000 recipients at the same time, manage your finances and more — you choose the features you need, and based on that receive an environment created specifically for your business. 

Calypso Pay provides one of the fastest transaction speeds with low commissions across the market – over this year the platform processed 850 million USD and its clients performed almost 1 million transactions. The platform now supports 14 main crypto currencies which is 80% of the global crypto market cap.

The platform can be integrated with a few clicks without any coding skills — you can start using it within a few hours. Calypso Pay offers:

  • A clear dashboard to keep track of everything happening with your account

  • Invoicing feature to send invoices by link, mail or as a PDF with an expiration timer and an option to pay the client’s commission to increase the conversion to payment

  • An SDK to add payment forms and widgets to your website to increase the number of ways to receive money

  • Payouts to send any amount of cryptocurrency to your business partner, client, or merchant

“We at Calypso Pay work hard to provide one of the best solutions on the market for our customers”, says Alexey Korneev, Operations Director. “Previously Calypso Pay allowed its customers to accept payment with USDT ERC-20, BTC, ETH, USDC, and many others — today we we’re glad to announce we’re adding support for new blockchains and now enable our users to operate with USDT TRC-20, MATIC, USDT on Polygon, BNB and BUSD with more coins to follow to cover the growing demand of our users.”

This summer Calypso Pay has launched Tron Mass Payouts in partnership with WatchData, a platform that helps web3 developers seamlessly interact with the blockchain. The solution allows customers to quickly set up Tron payouts to tens of thousands of addresses while saving on both time and money on fees. In the future Calypso Pay will increase functionality for Tron in its platform: the team plans to add the ability to group addresses into 1 invoice and support for algorithmic stablecoin USDD.

About Calypso Pay

Calypso Pay is an all-in-one crypto processing & acquiring platform that lets you use crypto to receive payments from your clients and pay your partners and workers almost instantly and with minimal commissions. The platform enables payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, BSC, tokens such as USDT, a variety of both decentralized and algorithmic stablecoins, and many others. It also allows to exchange crypto and use SEPA and SWIFT bank transfers right on the platform. With Calypso Pay you can create invoices, make payments, initiate payouts, and analyze the financial health of your business in real-time. For more information please visit 

, Crypto Processing Platform Calypso Pay Adds Support for Tron, Polygon And BSC

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