Crypto X Blows Its Trumpets Since “BitBoy” Is No More

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bitboy channel fired Ben Armstrong, also known as Bitboy, due to alleged substance abuse and workplace issues.
  • Ben Armstrong claimed a “mutiny” orchestrated by others within the company aimed to remove him.
  • Some sections of the crypto community commented on Armstrong’s removal, citing his infamy.
Crypto X Blows Its Trumpets Since "BitBoy" Is No More
Crypto X Blows Its Trumpets Since “BitBoy” Is No More

YEREVAN ( — In a surprising turn of events, Bitboy, a.k..a Ben Armstrong, got fired from the Bitboy channel. In turn, he effectively lost one layer of his internet personality. So, let’s dive into the details and see what’s next for the infamous influencer.

The Removal Of Ben Armstrong

On August 28, BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of Hit Network and the BitBoy brand, announced that they removed Armstrong from the team. Furthermore, they cited Armstrong’s problem with prolonged substance abuse and workplace abuse as major motivations behind his removal.

Moreover, the Bitboy squad said this decision would help the team move on. Nonetheless, they said that they regret that the situation has come to this. Lastly, as of now, Ben Armstrong is not in control of the BitBoy “X” account.

The Answer of Ben Armstrong

Former BitBoy, Ben Armstrong, came with a statement regarding the situation. In his vision, a mutiny happened inside the company, which aimed to remove him from the company and the brand. Armstrong also stated that this “mutiny” wouldn’t work since they “have no leverage.”

Parts Of Crypto X Commented His Removal

Some parts of Crypto X ( formerly known as Twitter) took this news with approval. For example, crypto analyst “Honproud.ETH” described this turn of events as a “character assassination.” He further said this news comes after alleged expose “sprees” against Ben Armstrong.

Another example is financial analyst Adam Cochran, who expressed his joy over removing Ben Armstrong from his “X” account. Another but more detailed example is Crypto Youtuber “DanoCrypto.”

Dano goes on by saying that he is not surprised by how things ended up. Furthermore, Dano states that he had a bad experience meeting Armstrong and did not feel any positive collaborative effort from Armstrong.

He cites that Armstrong’s disrespect, negligence, and egocentric decision-making got him removed in the first place. Even more, Dano posits that Armstrong’s team felt these traits manifested and finally decided to remove him.

The Chart Side Of Things

While this has been going full swing, the BEN coin, the token child of Ben Armstrong, has been reacting and going through its motions.

bitboy, Crypto X Blows Its Trumpets Since “BitBoy” Is No More
The price dynamics of BEN coin during July and August of 2023 Source: TradingView

These motions resulted in a nearly 40% price dip over a weekly timeframe. However, on August 29, the BEN coin increased by 6%. Nonetheless, even over a monthly time frame, the BEN coin is down by nearly 60%.

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