Cryptocurrency will displace traditional investments within a decade —Report

Key Takeaways:

  • 80% of institutional investors believe crypto will surpass traditional investments.
  • Cryptocurrency is advancing at an unprecedented rate —Bitstamp CEO.
  • ‘The more people know about crypto, the more they trust it’.
Cryptocurrency adoption is expected to continue increasing.

LAGOS ( — A new study has found that the adoption of cryptocurrency will continue to rise and the growth will lead to digital assets becoming a valuable commodity for investors as more organizations will recognize its potential.

The study which was the first-ever Crypto Pulse report was sponsored by leading crypto exchange Bitstamp. It revealed that cryptocurrency adoption will skyrocket, invariably boosting digital currencies to replace traditional investments within a decade.

The survey consulted over 5,500 institutional investment decision-makers and interviewed more than 23,000 retail investors from 23 countries. It revealed that even with the current cryptocurrency market turmoil, trust and adoption of digital assets globally are increasing.

Moreover, as a result of crypto’s impressive growth, respondents in the survey surmise that in 10 years crypto will surpass traditional investments. Additionally, 88% of institutional respondents in the survey pointed out that cryptocurrency will see mainstream adoption within the same timeframe.

Similarly, 75% of the 23,113 retail investors polled also believe that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will surpass traditional investment.

Julian Sawyer, CEO of Bitstamp, noted that digital assets are advancing and expanding at an unprecedented rate. He explained that the use cases for cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) were increasing significantly. He said:

“In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have moved from the outskirts of the financial ecosystem to find themselves front and center of mainstream investing.”

67% Of Retail Investors Believe Cryptocurrency Is A Trustworthy Investment

Meanwhile, the survey also disclosed that the general public level of trust in digital currency was increasing.

According to the report, a whopping 67% of retail investors polled currently believe cryptocurrency is a trustworthy investment. However, 11% of the 23,113 retail investors were still skeptical about crypto saying it is untrustworthy.

Bobby Zagotta, Bitstamp USA CEO in a tweet explained that people have to use crypto to understand and trust it. He noted that, unlike other tech sectors, only people that do not use cryptocurrency are scared of it.

Zagotta expressed delight with the result of the survey, emphasizing that cryptocurrency has the potential to become a top investment for institutional investors. He added:

“We need to prepare people for a future where crypto plays an even bigger role. This (survey) speaks volumes about its potential to truly change the world.”

Additionally, other investment vehicles in the DeFi space also show strong levels of trust despite their relative infancy. According to the survey, both retail and institutional investors expressed a high level of trust toward stablecoins, NFTs, among others.

Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency will displace traditional investments within a decade —Report

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