Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Defies Expectations In The Finance Sector

Boostx: DeFi Defies Expectations In The Finance Sector

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial system which removes the control that banks and institutions have on money, products and services. A financial ecosystem has been created using a combination of existing blockchain technology including assets, wallets, and smart contracts. This ecosystem has the capability of bypassing banks, brokers and any other middlemen who usually manage financial services. 

Smart contracts play a significant role when it comes to decentralised finance as they outline terms and conditions and can monitor whether these terms are met. For example, smart contracts have the ability to monitor loan agreements and release collateral upon repayment. Therefore, a third party does not need to be involved when making financial purchases or transactions. 

DeFi platforms have developed over time and now include payments, transfers, loans, trades, and investments. 

Defying Expectations

This is a very new thing for the finance world. For years, we as a society have been used to banks being in control of our funds. Every purchase and transaction made has to be approved first. Although this is something that society has become accustomed to, there is an issue of privacy. From seeing the location of where each transaction is made to what each individual does with their money, there is not much surprise that a new system has been created to try and provide individuals with financial freedom. 

Decentralized finance has come a long way over the years, and is becoming even more common when it comes to cryptocurrency. With new projects constantly being released into the market, it seems inevitable that DeFi will become the future of finance. 

Finding the best DeFi projects

As the crypto market is becoming oversaturated, with new coins and projects entering the market every day, it can be difficult to find decentralised ones that are trustworthy. However, with the help of launchpads, this becomes much easier for users. 

A launchpad is a platform that promotes a variety of new cryptocurrencies that are in the presale stage. Launchpads help these new projects build a community and funding, whilst helping users find the new best projects at low prices. 

BoostX is a popular launchpad as it showcases a diverse range of upcoming crypto projects, of which the majority are DeFi. BoostX is popular because it uses multi-chain technology. Whilst other launchpads usually focus on one specific chain, BoostX evaluates DeFi projects from multiple blockchains. This helps users find the best DeFi projects out there as there are no restrictions or limitations. 

BoostX launchpad

Benefits of DeFi 

Besides the obvious issue of privacy, there are various benefits of DeFi, such as:

  • Permissionless and inclusive – anybody with a crypto wallet and an internet connection can use DeFi services. Without needing approval from a third party, users can make payments and transfers from anywhere in the world. 
  • Pseudonymous – there is no paperwork needed and users do not need to disclose their identity when making any transaction. This ensures full privacy for all users. 
  • Real-time transactions – underlying blockchains are updated the moment the transaction has been completed. 

What’s next? 

We can only expect decentralized finance to continue emerging within our society. With more DeFi projects being released into the crypto market, the best way to take advantage of this is by using a reliable launchpad like BoostX. With various DeFi projects in the presale stage, users can find amazing projects that hold a lot of potential for cheap prices. 

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Decentralized Finance, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Defies Expectations In The Finance Sector

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