Degen Checkpoint from CoinStats at TOKEN2049 Singapore

Degen Checkpoint from CoinStats at TOKEN2049 Singapore
Degen Checkpoint from CoinStats at TOKEN2049 Singapore

CoinStats offers exclusive rewards at the September TOKEN2049 premier crypto event in Singapore.

You can visit the CoinStats booth to test your “degenhood” at its unique “Degen Checkpoint” and take home an exclusive cap with its NFT version. This prize comes with a Lifetime CoinStats Premium subscription valued at $399.

If you happen to be a degen, you’ll secure an exclusive Phygital NFT cap that brings the following benefits:

  • Certifies of your ‘Degen’ status 
  • Grants you CoinStats Lifetime Premium 
  • Gives you a custom Discord role

To participate, visit the CoinStats booth (M26) and follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the CoinStats app, log in with your wallet, or connect your best Ethereum wallet. 
  2. Open the Portfolio tab, click the 3-dot menu, and select Analytics / Pie Chart.
  3. Get your Activity Score on Chain Activity. You’ll get the Degen title at the CoinStats booth if you score high enough.
  4. By redeeming your rewards, you agree to tweet a photo with the cap and/or the screenshot of the exclusive Phygital NFT. Don’t forget to tag and follow @CoinStats

This is not just a token; it’s an experience that taps into the heart of crypto culture. 

Read on for the latest CoinStats features below.

Chain Activity: Your Airdrop Farming Assistant

Airdrop farmers' ranking feature. Source: CoinStats
Airdrop farmers’ ranking feature. Source: CoinStats

With crypto airdrops gaining popularity, keeping track of your wallet’s performance has never been so pertinent.

To help you stay on track, CoinStats introduces its latest feature – Chain Activity. It allows users to keep tabs on their wallets’ activities, focusing on chains with potential for airdrops.

Here’s what Chain Activity can help you with:

  1. Activity Score Calculation

Have you ever wondered how you rank among others farming airdrops on a particular chain? Chain Activity displays your score and the top percentile rank you fall into based on your activity. Chain Activity introduces a scoring mechanism capped at 100 points. This number is based on the average percentage of your activity and is shown as the top card. It gives you a full picture of how your wallet is doing.

  1. Transactions Count 

You can now monitor your transaction patterns effortlessly. Chain Activity gives you an exact count of all transactions, so you’re always in the know.

  1. Total Trading Volume 

Navigating your trading activity just got easier. Understand the complete volume of your transactions within a specific chain.

  1. Total Fees Spent 

Stay up-to-date on the total amount of fees spent in the chain. This will help you manage your assets more efficiently.

  1. Last Activity 

Chain Activity also offers insights into the last active time and aggregates activity over days, weeks, and months. This gives users a comprehensive view of their engagement and overall activity on the chain.

TOKEN2049, Degen Checkpoint from CoinStats at TOKEN2049 Singapore
Chain activity illustrations. Source: CoinStats

This feature is invaluable for those engaged in airdrop farming on zkSync, Starknet, Polygon zkEVM chains, etc. Airdrop enthusiasts can use Chain Activity to assess their likelihood of getting an airdrop and compare their wallets’ engagement with the overall actions on the chain.

Wallet Explorer: Your Assistant Across 70 Blockchains

TOKEN2049, Degen Checkpoint from CoinStats at TOKEN2049 Singapore
Wallet Explorer illustrations. Source: CoinStats

Wallet Explorer is another new feature taking your wallet exploration to the next level. You can seamlessly explore wallet addresses, ENS domains, and NFTs without switching between blockchain explorers. 

Users can search wallets directly from the search bar, supported across 70 chains. The feature offers complete wallet analytics, including asset allocation, portfolio performance against the market, and PnL assessment. 

Wallet Explorer enables you to monitor the DeFi and NFT transaction history of the wallets you’ve selected and create a watchlist of wallets that spike your interest to track their analytics and transactions.

It also helps you discover trending wallets for potential investment opportunities with CoinStats’ curated list. 

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