Despite Uniswap ($UNI) and Hedera’s ($HBAR) New Developments,’s Presale is Pacing FAST

Despite Uniswap ($UNI) and Hedera's ($HBAR) New Developments,'s Presale is Pacing FAST

Over the first few weeks of September, the Uniswap ($UNI) price continued its sideways action, while Hedera ($HBAR) declined significantly. As analysts explore the reasons behind the negative news, ($DOMI) emerged as a promising cryptocurrency for new investors.

But before we delve deeper into and why it might be good crypto to buy; let’s compare Uniswap and Hedera to determine the top crypto to invest in.

$UNI Fails to Ignite Bullish Rally

On September 11, Uniswap revealed that its DEX volume hit a new high of $213 million over the last seven days, becoming the biggest Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Polygon. Experts predicted there might be an increase in investor interest following this positive news, boosting the $UNI’s utility and user base, as well as its trading price.

However, despite the positive predictions, $UNI failed to spark a new bull run. Between September 11 and 13, the $UNI price remained relatively stable, hovering over the $4.20 mark. Analysts speculated that $UNI’s failure to increase in value could be attributed to a whale transferring 2.2 million $UNI into Coinbase on September 12, increasing selling pressure.

Although $UNI failed to surge, investors remain optimistic. As of September 13, some of Uniswap’s monthly indicators flashed positive, suggesting that $UNI might exhibit bullish movement in the coming days.

While $UNI showed resilience, $HBAR fell more significantly.


$HBAR Drops Amidst Market Volatility

On September 5, Hedera garnered investors’ attention by crossing a transaction count of 20 billion. Experts believed this news might cause $HBAR to surge by increasing investors’ confidence and interest in the project.

However, $HBAR negated these predictions when it fell 2.9% from $0.0486 to $0.0472 between September 5 and 13. Investors might attribute the recent downtrend to surging market volatility after FTX’s decision to liquidate $3.4 billion worth of crypto.

Although $HBAR fell victim to the bears, experts still haven’t ruled out the possibility of an upsurge in the future. As of September 13, Hedera’s HMA 9 and Momentum 10 levels were positive, indicating that $HBAR might surge in the coming days.

While $HBAR depreciated substantially, is set to reward investors with massive gains throughout presale.

Domini.Art Provides Investors with 633% ROI Following Presale is a pioneering art marketplace broadening access to high-end blue chip art by implementing fractionalization. 

The platform is at the forefront of merging traditional art and finance by enabling investors to own fractions of reputed artworks. By doing so, it allows users to yield substantial returns while bearing minimal risk. offers a dedicated NFT marketplace for its users, which is perhaps its biggest feature.’s marketplace enables investors to diversify their portfolios by exploring a wide variety of art at a fraction of the cost. Besides diversifying their portfolios, investors can further yield profits by listing their stakes for sale. The platform also understands the importance of security. This is why has implemented stringent security measures to protect its marketplace.

The platform fosters trust amongst its investors by practicing a proactive risk management approach. To further enhance security, tokenizes user artworks into trending NFTs, providing an immutable ownership record for investors. Apart from benefiting from enticing perks, like exclusive discounts and priority invites, investors can expect up to 633% gains following’s presale. is currently in its presale’s Beta Stage, priced at $0.0021. If you buy $DOMI now, your investment is expected to grow to $0.0154 by the end of the presale.

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