ExoWorlds Unveils Its Blockchain-Powered Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

ExoWorlds, a leader in Web3 Gaming Technology, is proud to announce the development of its highly anticipated MMORPG game, ExoWorlds: The Verified Galaxy. Set in a fictional open-world galaxy, players will embark on an interstellar adventure where they can build empires, fight for glory, discover ancient secrets, and more.

Built on blockchain technology, ExoWorlds provides a secure in-game economy and a platform for players to monetize their assets and achievements. The game features a cross-chain platform, with NFT bridging features already available, and offers players from VeChain, Binance, and Ethereum the ability to play on their preferred network. ExoWorlds offers a variety of gameplay modes, including multiplayer team battles and tournaments, open-world MMORPG, and real-time galactic strategy.

The game’s dual tokenomic system, Galactic Credits ($GCRED) and ExoDust ($EXO), provide players with a robust and easy-to-follow economic model. The Galactic Credit is the standard currency in the game, while ExoDust is a rare energy commodity used to power critical digital assets and activate special features. The $EXO token also serves as a governance and utility token, allowing players to stake their tokens to earn $GCRED and vote on the game’s ecosystem via the ExoWorlds DAO.

ExoWorlds offers a free-to-all option for players who do not own planets, giving them the opportunity to become planetary citizens, but having to pay the planet’s owner a share of their digital assets and game rewards. Planet Barons can rent their planets for passive in-game income without risking any asset ownership or control. ExoWorlds will hold an $EXO token airdrop for every player who becomes a planet holder.

The ExoWorlds Whitelist is open for players who want to pre-register for the upcoming $EXO token sale, starting in Q2 of 2023 at a starting price of $0.008. Whitelisted players will receive discounts, in-game NFTs, and future airdrops.

ExoWorlds aims to provide a revolutionary gaming experience, delivering high-energy player-vs-player matches, vast open-world environments, and a deep cosmic lore/storyline that will leave players engaged for hours on end. The game is much more than just another MMORPG; it is a Web3 Gaming platform on the VeChain network, providing game studios with the tools they need to offer the benefits of blockchain to their player base.

Join the adventure and take flight in ExoWorlds: The Verified Galaxy. The prototype will be available in Q2 of 2023.

About ExoWorlds

The ExoWords project is a Metaverse initiative that appeals to enthusiasts of intricate tokenomics, science fiction gaming, and those seeking enjoyable online leisure activities. The co-founders, Lucas Saint Laurent and William Campbell, are stakeholders in VeChain Stats and hold positions in VeChain’s 101 authoritative nodes, hence the company has a close association with VeChain. ExoWorlds stands out as the most extensive VeChain-based metaverse game. The ExoWorlds Foundation LTD received recognition for its excellence, being named the best DeFi project, having the best UE5/VeChain integration, and ranking fourth overall in the 2022 hackathon organized by the VeChain Foundation.


Contact Person: William Campbell

Company Name: ExoWorlds Foundation LTD

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.exoworlds.io

Location: Singapore

, ExoWorlds Unveils Its Blockchain-Powered Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

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