Fantom (FTM) token – a brief review

Fantom Coin

Today we decided to make a review of Fantom coin (FTM). So, Fantom is an advanced coin, which was launched in 2018, and already in 2019 the project’s own token was listed on Binance. The founder of Fantom is An Byung Ik, doctor of computer science from South Korea’s Yonsei University.

What is Fantom cryptocurrency?

In brief, Fantom is a smart contract platform that provides developers with decentralized Defi financial services using a proprietary algorithm. Thanks to the development of the ecosystem, Fantom is one of the safest platforms of its kind.

Key features of the FTM coin 

The coin has open code and has some advantages among other currencies, characterized by the presence of restrictions. This makes FTM not only safe, but also not expensive.

Open Source allows users to set up independent networks and monitor transactions in real time.

Also notable is the use of a separate blockchain called OPERA. In it, transfers are made almost instantaneously, which not every modern cryptocurrency can boast. It is noteworthy that the speed of transactions does not decrease when the number of network users increases, on the contrary, the more participants in it, the faster the transactions between them.

The developers believe that FTM can be very useful for large businesses, companies, if you use a token then you can improve the speed of transactions in a large area.

Also want to note that all tokens were immediately sold out during their first listing. This suggests that investors trust the project and are willing to invest large funds in it.

Another distinctive feature of Fantom is that none of the existing cryptocurrency platforms used acyclic DAG graph before it. Unlike blockchain, in which all blocks are written sequentially, in DAG all data is written without sequence.

  • High scalability – transactions are processed all at once, in parallel by different nodes (not one after another); 
  • Low power consumption – Fantom doesn’t support mining; 
  • High speed – the more nodes in the network, the faster it is.

FTM storage methods

FTM can be stored on online, desktop and hardware wallets. Among the popular hardware wallets we should mention Ledger and Trezor – they are the most reliable and secure ways to store your FTM coins, but you should consider the fact that the price of such wallets is very high, which many users can not afford. 

Fantom (FTM)

That’s why more and more users trust their funds to online wallets – it is the golden mean of simplicity and security, in addition all such wallets are free, the user pays only a small fee for sending funds. 

At you can quickly and easily create an online wallet to store FTMs. This wallet has a very low transaction fee compared to other wallets and exchanges.

Coin value dynamics

Fantom is so good that it has made it into various rankings and has even been in the Top 15 digital assets. During 2021 the value of FTM grew 100 times: from about $0.02 to more than $2. Now FTM is 64th among all cryptocurrencies with capitalization of $0.65 billion (according to coinmarketcap).

Fantom (FTM) proce chart
chart provide by

It should be noted that the value of the coin in 2022 has fallen dramatically, from $2.5 at the beginning of the year to $0.25 as of May 12. However, almost all cryptocurrencies in the market are in decline right now, and Fantom is no exception.

Despite the drop in exchange rates and positions in the cryptocurrency rankings, Fantom is, according to analysts, one of the most promising coins. FTM is a “must have” in your investment portfolio.

Fantom, Fantom (FTM) token – a brief review

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