GlobiancePay – Set to Become a ISO20022 based Global Bank

GlobiancePay banking platform announced it is selling its Third Round of Security Token Offering (STO), as it aims to become a Global Bank for Digital & Fiat Assets, offering SEPA and SWIFT capable digital-asset, multi-currency account and banking services to merchants, retailers and businesses.

With the recent launch of the GlobiancePay Security Token investors are now able to take part in an ownership of a Global Bank and receive a share of its revenue. 

GlobiancePay Invites Investors to “Own” the Bank:

The invitation to share in the ownership of the GlobiancePay bank, began with the release of the new “Launchpad S” feature in early July 2023. It has now successfully completed 2 rounds of earlybird Security Token Offering (STO) sales. 

, GlobiancePay – Set to Become a ISO20022 based Global Bank

The highly anticipated ‘Third STO Sales-Round’ is Now Open to investors at a 15% discounted price – for a limited time.

GlobiancePay is offering a total of 100 Million GBPAY tokens at $1 USD per token, for sale. The holders of the Security tokens will receive a Revenue Share of the global GlobiancePay operations. Investor’s in GlobiancePay will be considered as bank partners who will have a say regarding business strategies, as well as the option to attend and take part in meetings. 

Launchpad S:

GlobiancePay is the new generation of banking:

GlobiancePay delivers banking services worldwide including payment services, cards and dedicated IBAN accounts for SEPA and SWIFT networks – catering to the banking requirements of both European and Offshore companies. In the future GlobiancePay will offer a securities trading platform and investment management services worldwide. The ‘Launchpad S’ feature will be also selling security token projects, for example Real Estate Projects or other projects that wish to sell tokenized equity.

GlobiancePay Bank Generation 4.0 offers multi-currency fiat and crypto accounts such as; EURO, GBP , SDG , USD, XDC, GBEX, ETH, BTC,  etc. Using the point-of-sale, QR ‘Scan-and-Go’ with instant-settlement, enables converting the currency of choice into the receiver’s desired currency – on-the-spot. The converted funds  are deposited directly into the merchant’s GlobiancePay account which equals immediate payment and settlement. 

GlobiancePay Bank is a 100% backed bank of the future; meaning it is virtually bank-run proof. All deposits are 100% backed at ALL times. Assets deposited at GlobiancePay are never lent out and never invested or used in any way. Clients have full access to all of their assets at all times. GlobiancePay does not and will not participate in fractional reserve banking – ever.

The same 100% backing is also the case for our stablecoins. GlobiancePay offers, for example, EURG, USDG, and other major fiat currencies stablecoins.

Those can always be exchanged 1:1 on Globiance platforms.

So a depegging, like it happens sometimes on other stablecoins – truly cannot happen, as you can always bring the stablecoins back to any Globiance platform and exchange them 1:1 for the underlying fiat value.

GlobiancePay is about to release the new ISO 20022 messaging and real time gross settlement system.This system works with Globiance stablecoins and can be used to settle transactions between banks, central banks, and also enterprises directly.

“The great thing about GlobiancePay, is that it also brings banking services to the unbanked and small businesses around the Globe allowing those who might not otherwise have access, the ability to participate in the global market!”   – Irina La Rosa  Founder & Chairman of GlobiancePay

About GlobiancePay:

GlobiancePay Group is a ‘sister’ label to Globiance which has been operating licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges globally since 2018. GlobiancePay is an independent structure that provides IBAN accounts and bank/debit cards to Globiance. GlobiancePay is currently expanding with new banking, securities dealings and investment management licenses through its Security Token Offering. They are also creating’ in-house’ software products that will provide new payment and identification services.

To learn more about the GlobiancePay Bank Project STO and how to participate visit Launchpad S:

Contact person: Oliver larosa (CEO)
Company name: GLOBIANCEPAY
Email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is highly recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

SOURCE: GlobiancePay

, GlobiancePay – Set to Become a ISO20022 based Global Bank

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