Hooked Protocol Empowers Growth in Southeast Asia’s Leading Digital Content Platform Ookbee through Web3 Innovation

Hooked Protocol (‘Hooked’), an immersive edutainment network focusing on driving massive adoption of Web3 technologies, has recently forged a strategic partnership with Ookbee, a prominent digital content platform in Southeast Asia. This collaboration aims to leverage Hooked expertise in Web3 solutions to foster growth for Ookbee and unlock new possibilities within the evolving landscape. 

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, numerous challenges confront projects operating within the online space. Issues such as soaring costs associated with user acquisition, declining rates of user retention, and mounting concerns surrounding privacy and security have become prevalent. 

Hooked Protocol’s professional and tailored infrastructure solution, the Hooked Lego System, tackles growth challenges faced by projects. With expertise in Web3 technologies and a proven track record of driving its own product, such as their highly successful Wild Cash, a gamified quiz-to-earn DApp with 3 million monthly active users,  by organic and referral-based growth, Hooked brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to empowers projects like Ookbee to achieve substantial expansion. 

Ookbee, a leading force in the digital content landscape of Southeast Asia, emerged with an impressive user base of over 10 million and operations spanning Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, now is taking proactive steps to embrace the present opportunities. Partnering with Hooked, renowned for its expertise in Web3 solutions, Ookbee is unlocking new avenues for business expansion and sustainable growth. This collaborative endeavor not only accelerates Ookbee’s growth trajectory but also unlocks the vast potential of Web3, setting an innovative benchmark for other  projects in the region. 

The emergence of Web3 presents an exciting opportunity to proactively address the evolving digital landscape. Web3 technologies provide decentralized, trustless systems that prioritize enhanced privacy, security, and user control, offering a promising alternative for projects to embrace a more robust and user-centric digital environment.

The Hooked Lego System introduces a revolutionary approach to accelerating business growth through its seamless integration of a modular framework and cutting-edge Web3 technology. With secure wallet integration, a robust DID-based growth engine, and a Web3 demand center, the system empowers businesses to reduce user acquisition costs, enhance user retention through decentralized advertising and incentivization models, and prioritize user privacy and asset security. By unleashing the power of Web3 for growth, businesses can confidently build customized growth systems that keep users engaged, and drive significant ROI in their endeavors.

The partnership between Hooked and Ookbee has created a wave of excitement in the industry, attracting attention for its potential to drive transformative change through Web3 technologies. The integration of Hooked’s expertise with Ookbee’s forward-thinking vision ushers in a new era of innovation for regional projects. This transformative journey towards Web3 adoption highlights the immense potential that lies ahead for those who dare to embrace its power, pushing the boundaries of digital progress and unlocking boundless possibilities for future growth.

About Ookbee

Since its establishment in 2012, Ookbee has been a prominent player in the e-bookstore market across Southeast Asia, operating in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. With a user base exceeding 10 million, Ookbee offers a vast collection of e-books from renowned publishers and professional independent writers, catering to readers seeking professional-created content. Recognizing the growing influence of social media on people’s lives, Ookbee seized the opportunity to create platforms that cater to the diverse interests of fiction, comics and music enthusiasts. This expansion led to the development of Ookbee U, a user-generated content platform, which further empowers content creators and fosters sustainable monetization channels between creators and their fans. Combined, Ookbee and Ookbee U serve a combined user base of over 10 million, providing a comprehensive digital content experience across multiple markets in Southeast Asia.

About Hooked Protocol

Hooked Protocol is the pioneering immersive edutainment network to onramp the next billion people into Web3. Hooked’s mission is to drive massive Web3 adoption by providing immersive, gamified and social learning experiences. 

Hooked offers a seamless and intuitive onboarding path for both learners and builders through offerings of three focuses of its businesses: infrastructure, academy and ecosystem.

As of now, Hooked has launched three DApps and products: Wild Cash, a quiz-to-learn Web3 bootcamp product for elementary learners with over 3 million monthly active users; ToDaMoon, a livestreaming learn-to-earn product for preparatory learners, with 1,000,000 total competition participation; and Hooked Academy Sensei, an exploratory learning product powered by AI technology, with over 100,000 registered learners. 

Hooked is also developing itself toward substantial development of Web3 onboarding infrastructures to onramp builders, and meanwhile forging powerful partnerships and robust economic vitality within the ecosystem to boost massive adoption. With its trio of academy, infrastructure and ecosystem, Hooked aims to revolutionize Web3 education and bring new forces to onboard users onto Web3. For more information, visit the website or follow Hooked on Twitter.

Contact Person:  Lith Wen

Email: [email protected]

Website:  https://hooked.io/

Contact Person: OK Bee

Email: [email protected]

, Hooked Protocol Empowers Growth in Southeast Asia’s Leading Digital Content Platform Ookbee through Web3 Innovation

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