Incredible Launch Will Rocket Past Fantom And Basic Attention Token

Incredible Launch Burn Will Rocket Past Fantom And Basic Attention Token

Crypto continues to move at a breakneck speed and continuously surprises investors. Good news mingles with bad, but the events have only shaken out weak hands. Experienced traders have been loading up on the dip and building their portfolios.   

The prevailing market conditions offer investors once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunities. And a new DeFi token, Uniglo, gears up for an explosive launch. Easily one of the most exciting projects of 2022: ready to rocket past Fantom and Basic Attention Token.

Uniglo will burn a considerable supply of its tokens at launch: it will cause a supply shock, and GLO will tear through the rankings. Already selected as one of the year’s top projects by Business2Community: this additional news has supercharged the launch. 

Uniglo arrives at the perfect time. It offers a store of value in a market ravaged by volatility, and senior analysts agree that the timing of Uniglo could not be any better. By leveraging asset ownership and deflationary tokenomics, this protocol provides a viable long-term store of value. Uniglo will absorb millions of dollars of liquidity in DeFi by investors with an extended investment horizon looking to secure and grow their wealth. The supply shock from the launch burn represents the crowning accomplishment, and GLO will rocket past even established projects leaving Fantom and Basic Attention Token in the dust.

Uniglo, Incredible Launch Will Rocket Past Fantom And Basic Attention Token


Fantom has had a rough time in the bear market. FTM, the native token, gained a reputation for volatility, and this has caused it to suffer in a growing risk-off environment. Gone are the DeFi summer days where investors aped into any protocol promising a four-figure APR. Even the return of Cronje did not create a sustained rally, and with increased competition from layer two scaling solutions, FTM bag holders have plenty of reason to be nervous. 

Basic Attention Token 

Basic Attention Token or BAT is the reward token for the Brave browser. Brave sought to introduce greater privacy and create a more direct link between advertisers and users. Brave pays users for their attention, and advertisers can deliver better-targeted ads leading to a net benefit for both parties. However, BAT suffers from a lack of utility, and users tend to dump the token as soon as receiving it: leading to continuous downward price pressures. 

Closing Thoughts 

DeFi will undergo another expansionary phase. Uniglo allows investors to fully leverage the current dip by exposing them to multiple assets and will be at the head of the coming rally. A true DeFi star and the best and most straightforward manner for investors to gain broad market exposure: a token with easy 10X potential.

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Uniglo, Incredible Launch Will Rocket Past Fantom And Basic Attention Token

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