InQubeta, Sandbox, and ApeCoin: Top NFT ecosystems gain momentum as Crypto bull season begins

InQubeta, Sandbox, and ApeCoin: Top NFT ecosystems gain momentum as Crypto bull season begins

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets that are powered by blockchain technology and can represent both virtual and real-world items. It’s common today to see brands roll out NFTs inspired by art, sports, and music to ramp up their fan following. 

In the past few years, NFTs have carved a niche sector for themselves as cutting-edge assets that have withstood stormy markets and demonstrated their resilience. 

The year 2023 started on a good note for the sector after NFT transactions reached around $1 billion. The sector has continued with its growth trajectory, and analysts believe that leading NFT platforms like InQubeta (QUBE), Sandbox (SAND), and ApeCoin (APE) will be among the top crypto coins of the future. 

According to experts, the gains in these NFT-backed cryptocurrencies would be amplified by a possible crypto bull season. InQubeta’s popularity is the most interesting as it is in the presale stage. In the past few months, InQubeta’s ICO has raked in over $4.9 million while selling 80% of the tokens earmarked for public sale.

InQubeta: The ultimate funding destination for AI startups

InQubeta has been designed as a holistic ecosystem for AI startups and their investors where the two sides can scout verified opportunities for growth. 

The platform anchors the potential of the Ethereum blockchain to give its users a reliable DeFi solution while reducing instances of fraud. Its native cryptocurrency is called the QUBE token and plays an important role in supporting its model. 

It is one of the good cryptos to buy in today’s time as it balances its holders’ present as well as future needs. 

InQubeta helps startups connect with investors through NFTs that represent what the former has to offer. The NFT will represent the opportunity or reward that awaits an investor should they decide to invest in an AI project. 

After startups submit their offers, they are tokenized and uploaded on InQubeta’s online marketplace for NFTs. Here, investors can go through the different AI projects that need funds and then make a decision. 

These NFTs can be bought with QUBE tokens and are available for sale in smaller parts, and users can even invest in a part of the startup project if the NFT is fractionalised.

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ApeCoin: A democratized space for crypto enthusiasts

ApeCoin has been designed as a democratic and inclusive decentralized platform for crypto users. The platform’s developers designed ApeCoin after being inspired by the tremendous success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and were able to tap into the rising interest in animal-themed digital assets.

Its native token is APE and is powered by the Ethereum network. ApeCoin’s governance structure is headed by an administrative council that implements the decisions made by the community at large. 

The decisions pertain to not just administration but project management and bookkeeping as well. 

Gucci Cosmos Land to be hosted on The Sandbox Metaverse

Widely considered one of the best altcoins to buy now, Sandbox is a decentralized platform where users can build digital assets and monetize them. These assets are created using virtual reality on digital ‘LAND’. Sandbox’s native token SAND is used for buying these digital properties or making any other transactions within its ecosystem. 

These experiences can include exhibitions and events that other Sandbox users can attend virtually by paying a small fee, and these digital assets can also be sold by their creators to other community members.

Global fashion giant Gucci recently announced its decision to host the ‘Gucci Cosmos Land’ on the Sandbox Metaverse. The virtual exhibition would take participants through the iconic brand’s history, achievements, and rise in the world of fashion. 

Sandbox’s co-founder Sebastien Borget stated that the event would enable those interested in fashion and its history to explore the brand’s rise and potential from anywhere across the globe.

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While everyone might have a different answer for which is the best crypto investment in today’s market, InQubeta, Sandbox, and ApeCoin are names that are even recommended by analysts. 

These three tokens have garnered international fame for their market performance and power-packed features. The diverse features like robust security mechanisms and fool-proof code architecture have demonstrated how decentralized finance can fuel financial inclusion on a global scale. 

The diverse benefits provided by these tokens ensure that crypto users can earn passive wealth in the long term. 

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