Loopring (LRC), HedgeUp (HDUP), And MultiversX (EGLD) Set To Rally In 2023

Loopring (LRC), HedgeUp (HDUP), And MultiversX (EGLD) Set To Rally In 2023

With a market capitalization of $800 billion, the global cryptocurrency market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 12% between 2021 and 2030. The figures represent the momentum of one of the highest-grossing asset markets with a global user base. For example, take the case of HedgeUp ($HDUP), a decentralized platform that enables crypto users to access alternative investment products. The platform has been receiving rave reviews and is providing tough competition to popular favorites like Loopring and Multiverse. 

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HedgeUp: A versatile portfolio to shield returns against market volatility

HedgeUp is a blockchain based platform that enables users to access alternative investment products like aviation, luxury watches, wine, gold, and art. The platform offers these products as ‘baskets’ selected by a team of experienced market analysts and experts. These baskets of products offer a twin advantage to HedgeUp users. Firstly, they diversify their portfolio thereby boosting returns. Secondly, the mix of different products acts as a hedge against market volatility. According to the HedgeUp team, by choosing one of these investment baskets, users can look forward to earning average returns between 28% and 36%. 

The team has also launched a native token called $HDUP, which is used for executing various transactional purposes like staking, distributing rewards, and governance. With a supply of 999,000,000 units, buyers can purchase these tokens either on presale or via exchange listings. HedgeUp has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) series that offers its users another opportunity to earn passive income. In addition, NFT buyers get the option of either purchasing the asset as a whole or becoming a fractional owner. A distinctive factor about HegdeUp is its policy of incentivizing participation. Users who stake their $HDUP during staking events will be rewarded. 

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Loopring launches ‘Contribute + Earn’ program

Loopring is among the leading zkRollup Layer2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Its native token $LRC is the key cryptocurrency on the platform and is used for various transactional purposes. One of the primary reasons behind the platform’s popularity is its high throughput. Loopring supports highly agile exchanges and payments by batch-processing off-chain requests and accurate execution by leveraging ZKPs. The mechanism rules out the problems caused by Ethereum’s performance.

In recent news, Loopring announced the launch of its ‘Contribute + Earn’ loyalty program for the L2 ecosystem. Under the program, cryptocurrency users would be invited to assume the role of ambassadors and Loopring Legends while helping the platform ramp up its reach and grow. In exchange, they will receive rewards for their contribution. It would be an ongoing initiative where new participants would be selected for the roles each month and the rewards they receive are in the form of the Loopring NFT. Last year, Loopring rolled out a similar initiative called the ‘Community Creator Grants’ wherein developers who contributed to the platform’s growth received the title of ‘Loopring Legend’ along with a small grant and an NFT.

MultiversX to hold xPortal Launch Championship

MultiversX is a scalable and secure blockchain network that offers developers a niche set of tools to build impactful dApps that can interact with the metaverse. For executing transactional purposes on its platform, MultiversX has rolled out a native token known as $EGLD. Apart from its core functionalities, the $EGLD cryptocurrency is used for staking, smart contracts, governance, and distributing validator rewards. MultiversX’s most popular features include xFabric which is a blockchain module for deploying dApps in minutes. Developers can customize it to complement any company or creative brand. Plus, it is highly agile, as sharding facilitates scalability beyond 100k TPS. 

Cryptocurrency users can associate themselves with the platform either by developing dApps on MultiversX or by becoming a validator. Users would have to validate transactions and secure them with MultiversX’s decentralized tools and earn rewards for their participation.

Recently, MultiversX announced it would be rolling out a new version of its digital payments app Maiar. The reimagined app would be called xPortal and it would be a one-stop solution for managing one’s finances. To mark its new achievement, MultiversX will be organizing the xPortal Launch Championship which will be a raffle-style contest where the platform’s users can win prizes. These prizes include a share in a prize pool of 900 EGLD Tokens and xPortal merchandise.

While both MultiversX and Loopring have their strengths, HedgeUp has been emerging as a clear favorite among both crypto users and analysts as it opens up a brand new opportunity to earn passive income. Plus, it has a higher growth potential than the other two cryptocurrencies which makes it a dependable long-term option.

For more information on HedgeUP click the links below:

Presale Sign Up: https://app.hedgeup.io/sign-up

Official Website: https://hedgeup.io

Community Links: https://linktr.ee/hedgeupofficial

HedgeUp, Loopring (LRC), HedgeUp (HDUP), And MultiversX (EGLD) Set To Rally In 2023

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