Michael Lustig, Former BlackRock Executive Joins Jiritsu Network Board to Drive Institutional Adoption

Jiritsu Network, a forefront of blockchain innovation, is excited to announce that Michael Lustig, former Managing Director at BlackRock with extensive experience managing ETF assets, has joined their executive board. Michael brings his deep expertise in financial management and investment strategy to support Jiritsu’s initiatives in Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization.

During his illustrious 25-year tenure at BlackRock, Michael oversaw structured mortgage and derivative products trading and managed cash collateral investments in the firm’s ETF Securities Lending businesses. His strategic foresight and profound understanding of the financial markets are expected to significantly enhance Jiritsu’s blockchain applications.

“I am thrilled to join the board of Jiritsu and work alongside a team that has demonstrated the ability to build successful companies and software at scale,” said Michael Lustig. “We are at a pivotal point where institutions like BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, and Fidelity are the nexus of huge assets that will be migrating to tokenized infrastructure. I am excited to help navigate this transformation, leveraging Jiritsu’s groundbreaking technology. The opportunity for Jiritsu as the leader in RWA verification is immense, and I believe we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this shift, ushering in a new era of transparency and efficiency in asset management.”

Jiritsu Network stands to benefit immensely from Michael’s extensive background in dealing with institutional investors and his strategic insights. As part of the board, he aims to further the company’s mission to enhance the security and efficiency of RWA tokenization, which is critical for broader adoption of blockchain technology in traditional financial sectors.

“Michael’s depth of experience in financial markets and his vision for the future of asset management make him a tremendous asset to our board,” stated Jacob Guedalia, CEO of Jiritsu. “With Michael’s guidance, Jiritsu is even better positioned to lead the transition towards a tokenized global economy, providing secure and efficient solutions for asset management.”

As Jiritsu Network continues to innovate in the blockchain space, developing solutions that simplify and secure the tokenization process for real world assets, the addition of Michael Lustig to their board underscores a shared commitment to transforming how assets are managed and traded globally.

For more information about Jiritsu Network and their innovations in blockchain technology, visit https://www.jiritsu.network/.

About Jiritsu Network

Jiritsu Network is a Layer 1 blockchain technology company specialized in the tokenization of real world assets. By enhancing the security and efficiency of asset registration, verification, and tokenization processes, Jiritsu aims to make blockchain technology accessible and practical for widespread adoption across various industries.

, Michael Lustig, Former BlackRock Executive Joins Jiritsu Network Board to Drive Institutional Adoption

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