More than 2,500 Projects are Using Blockchain Wire, Reaching over 30,000,000 People around the World

Blockchain Wire, the premier press release distribution service specializing in disseminating news related to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, today announced that more than 2,500 different such blockchain and crypto projects have used the service as clients.

Regardless of the fluctuations in cryptocurrency price and mainstream news interest, Blockchain Wire has been steadily growing in the last few years, with more and more projects signing up to inform their loyal communities of new developments while also expanding their message to new audiences that will make up the project communities of tomorrow. 

“Our leadership position and experience allows us to serve our clients with unmatched access to the biggest media outlets, influencers, and thought leaders in this space,” said Blockchain Wire President Michael Shuler. “Regardless of the ebb and flow in blockchain and cryptocurrency as markets, the interest in reaching blockchain and cryptocurrency communities through Blockchain Wire has steadily grown ever since the company was founded. This growth indicates that the interest needed to sustain future blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives is as strong as ever.”

Offering the lowest pricing in the industry, Blockchain Wire is the only major press release wire service with a flat-rate structure. This allows companies to pay one price, regardless of press release length, which can often spike costs by thousands of dollars based on only a few hundred more words.

Basic packages start at $195 and Blockchain Wire’s global reach includes broadcast and online media outlets, social media sites, industry trade publications, leading blogs, and influencers, including Yahoo Finance, Google News, and the Associated Press

Blockchain Wire also recently partnered with knowledge asset platform OriginTrail to create a new AI product that will deliver company data, news, and insights to the financial community. This product is refining and expanding the Blockchain Wire audience to a whole new group of analysts and investors.

“Blockchain Wire is a one-stop shop for blockchain and crypto technologists to not only cost-effectively reach a broad audience of enthusiasts, but a highly targeted audience of potential investors as well,”  said Enzo Villani, co-founder of Blockchain Wire and CEO/founder of parent company Alpha Transform Holdings.

Blockchain Wire was founded by Michael Terpin, Shuler, and Villani in 2018. Terpin and Shuler previously founded Marketwire, one of the world’s largest company newswires. Villani was co-founder of Nasdaq’s Global Corporate Solutions, where he launched GlobeNewswire, which merged with MarketWire when Nasdaq acquired it. Digital asset organization Alpha Transform Holdings acquired Blockchain Wire last year.

About Blockchain Wire

Blockchain Wire is the first and largest press release distribution service in the blockchain and crypto industry. With over 2,500 clients, our global scope encompasses the circulation of information through broadcast and online media platforms, social media networks, trade periodicals, prominent blogs, industry leaders, influencers, and investors.

Blockchain Wire offers unmatched value in the industry, backed by decades of experience in the newswire sector. Our approach centers on precise targeting, user-friendly functionalities, seamless partnership integrations, and an unwavering client support team.

Blockchain Wire distribution for U.S. National and International circuits releasing news across news sites such as Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Associated Press, hundreds of online publications, and distribution to over 20,000 blockchain/crypto industry executives, investors and enthusiasts.  For more information, visit

About Alpha Transform Holdings

Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) is a digital asset organization dedicated to ushering in the future of blockchain-powered Web3. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we invest in and advise innovative companies and decentralized projects that leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional industries such as financial services, healthcare, media & entertainment, and more. We work closely with portfolio companies to drive value while creating outsized returns and are renowned for our detailed research on growing blockchain initiatives. Our mission is simple: to accelerate the mass adoption of distributed ledger technology through investments that provide impactful solutions with long-term sustainability. Our vision is an open, connected world powered by secure decentralized systems so that everyone can benefit from the new tech economy.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation for investment, nor is it intended as investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended you practice due diligence, including consultation with a professional financial advisor, before investing in or trading cryptocurrency and securities. 

, More than 2,500 Projects are Using Blockchain Wire, Reaching over 30,000,000 People around the World

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