Most Popular Games to Play in Crypto Casinos

Most Popular Games to Play in Crypto Casinos
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In the online gambling industry, crypto casinos are a new kid on the block. However, with the increasingly growing global audience, they have every chance to challenge the positions of classic web-based gaming houses shortly. 

And this tendency is not surprising, as today we are watching the immense popularity of virtual money. So, millions of wagers worldwide have already appreciated instant transactions, anonymity options, and other blockchain technology’s perks. With this additional safety and convenience, more and more punters are looking for places to make bets in cryptocurrency.

Another thing that works in favor of such gambling sites is the excellent game variety. Along with the opportunity to pin the reels on traditional slot machines, turn roulette wheels, or play blackjack with a live dealer, the players can enjoy some unique games available only at blockchain casinos.

To make it easier for beginners to start an exciting gambling journey, we have compiled a TOP-3 list of the trendiest crypto games.

Spribe Aviator 

We put the Spribe Aviator at the top of our ranking and did it not by chance. Like other crash games, it has very straightforward rules and a short playtime, where the winning amount depends only on your luck.

However, Aviator does not have anything in common with traditional slots. The idea is quite simple:

  • Before each new round, you place a bet and watch the airplane fly up. 
  • The higher it rises, the higher your potential winnings. 
  • To receive a reward, you must cash out before the plane flies away. 
  • You can do it at any time of the round. 
  • The sooner you leave the game, the lower the winning rate. 

At the end of each round, you can check how many players participated in the game and their results. Also, you can use an in-game chat to interact with other punters. Check this list of the best games from Spribe to learn more about the Spribe game developer and its products. 


Almost all crypto casinos offer Dices, one of the oldest cryptocurrency games, which is still in high demand. With precisely-calculated values of risk and reward and a fixed house edge which is ordinarily 1%, this game is considered the purest form of gambling.

It has little in common with the classic Dice version played in land-based gambling houses and traditional bookies’ sites. However, its rules are no less than straightforward, so even a gambling newbie can easily and quickly deal with it.

The game process is as follows: the punter chooses the number (typically from 1 to 100), bets whether it will be above or below the coming number, and rolls the dice. The more accurate the forecast, the higher the reward the punter will get.


Another well-known old-timer among crypto casino games, which will leave no punter indifferent, is Plinko. 

The Plinko game appeared in the 1980s on a popular American television game show, The Price is Right, where participants compete for cash prizes.

The idea of the Plinko slot machine is precise – you need to throw the ball on the game board with obstacles and wait for it to fall into one of the holes at the bottom of the screen. The winning amount depends on the location of the hole: the further away from the center – the higher the reward.

The maximum win value also depends on selected rows of obstacles number, which can vary from 8 to 16. Also, the punter can pick one out of three difficulty levels (low, medium, or high).

Final Thoughts 

These are just a few examples of how the simplicity, dynamics, and fairness of crypto casino games make them a great alternative to traditional online gambling. And with the further development of blockchain technologies, virtual currency usage worldwide will only grow, pushing the leading web-based gambling and betting sites to adapt to new digital and game realities.

Meanwhile, punters will only benefit from new crypto trends and a rising variety of gambling options and payment methods.

crypto games, Most Popular Games to Play in Crypto Casinos

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