NEAR Transactions Paused on Upbit for Upgrade;  Growing Interest in EOS Competitor

NEAR Transactions Paused on Upbit for Upgrade;  Growing Interest in EOS Competitor InQubeta (QUBE)

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, network upgrades are essential for enhancing scalability, security, and overall efficiency. Reflecting this, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has announced a temporary pause on deposits and withdrawals of NEAR tokens in anticipation of a significant network upgrade. This event, aimed at addressing scalability and refining operational protocols, underscores the continuous efforts to advance blockchain infrastructures. Amid this development, a new ICO is gaining market attention with a huge presale round

NEAR’s Network Upgrade: A Leap Toward Enhanced Scalability

Upbit’s temporary pause on NEAR transactions highlights the critical nature of the impending upgrade. Scheduled to commence at 18:00 on March 11, this halt in transactions will remain until the network’s stability is assured post-upgrade. Users are advised against making NEAR deposits during this period to avoid any potential transactional discrepancies. The upgrade’s focal point, resharding, is poised to significantly bolster scalability, a move that will inherently address the existing scalability thresholds. Additionally, the upgrade seeks to refine account creation protocols and optimize the network’s block and chunk production mechanisms, signaling NEAR’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

InQubeta: Capturing the Spotlight as an EOS Competitor

While we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for Upbit to get NEAR trading back on track, there’s a whole lot of chatter about a new ICO, InQubeta. It’s stepping up as a challenger to EOS and really pulling in the crowd from the blockchain world. What makes InQubeta stand out? It’s weaving artificial intelligence right into the crypto scene, giving people a fresh way to jump into AI startups with something called QUBE tokens.

Here’s the best part: InQubeta is tearing down the usual walls around juicy AI investments. By using popular NFTs as a ticket to get a slice of AI startups, it’s saying “Hey, no matter how much you’re looking to invest, there’s room for you here.” This isn’t just opening doors for more people; it’s giving those tech startups the boost they need to grow and innovate.

Plus, InQubeta has this clever setup where holding onto their ERC20 coins pays off more over time, thanks to a burn rate on transactions and a reward pool. It’s all about sticking around and being part of the community.

And get this: InQubeta’s not just stopping there. They’ve got big plans on the horizon, like rolling out their own NFT marketplace, a swapping platform, and even setting up a whole decentralized world with the InQubeta DAO. Each step is part of a bigger picture to mesh AI and blockchain like never before.

And let’s not overlook their presale – pulling in over $11.5 million shows investors are really buying into what InQubeta’s laying down. Plus, with all their ducks in a row, like getting their smart contracts double-checked by Hacken and passing the KYC checks with BlockAudit, they have added a layer of trust.

NEAR network upgrade, NEAR Transactions Paused on Upbit for Upgrade;  Growing Interest in EOS Competitor

Closing Thoughts

As NEAR undergoes its critical network upgrade, reflecting the broader industry’s push towards improvement and scalability, InQubeta stands out for its pioneering integration of AI and crypto. This evolving landscape presents InQubeta with an opportunity to redefine the parameters of investment and innovation within the crypto space.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, InQubeta emerges as a riveting story. This isn’t just another blockchain ICO; it’s a journey into the heart of AI’s untapped potential. As the market’s gaze shifts from today’s trends to tomorrow’s possibilities, InQubeta stands out as a beacon of innovation, marrying AI with blockchain in ways we’ve not seen before.

As the crypto world watches InQubeta’s ascent, the buzz it’s creating is a clear sign of changing tides in both tech and investment landscapes. In this fresh chapter, InQubeta isn’t just vying with the likes of EOS; it’s blazing its own trail, setting the stage for a new fusion of digital assets and AI, and possibly redefining our digital future.

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