NEMO Me Launches App as the Fastest and Most Secure Way to Build Community through Real Life Connections

NEMO Me (, the ultimate community building tool, today announced the public beta launch of its new app for Apple and Android that consolidates social interactions and communication forums, making it quick and easy to connect and stay connected with people you meet in person with a simple phone-to-phone proximity gesture.

NEMO Me is ideal for any individual or business looking to create, cultivate and curate their community. The app is seamless and decentralized, meaning NEMO Me does not have access to users data, not even their metadata, with compatibility across any mobile operating system to enable instant and effortless connections between new friends and business associates to grow their community and network. Rather than swapping business cards, Tap Cards, QR codes or inputting information manually, all users have to do is place their two smartphones together to securely share information and stay connected. The app then seamlessly and securely shares information of your choice. Users can customize what information to share depending on desired audience, including direct contact information as well as social profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and even TikTok. 

As users continue to build their community, NEMO Me helps manage interactions by displaying date and time stamps of when and where connections were made, and allows users to search contacts by keyword, time, or location. Plus, NEMO Me automatically updates information as phone numbers, emails or social media profile usernames change–– so users never lose touch with friends or business associates. Additionally, users own their data and always remain in control of how it is shared. For example, if a user shares information with someone they wish they hadn’t – they can choose to remove their information by simply deleting the contact from their community, which will result in all their information being extracted from the other user’s phone in one easy step. This next generation social tool is 100% authentic and secure offering “proof of life” at every interaction, assuring users are connecting with real, living people, not bots or AI under your control. 

“NEMO takes simple technology that has been with us since the earliest smartphones, which have long tried to replace the business card or scrawling one’s phone number on a piece of paper, and adapts it to a new and continually changing world of social media, decentralization, privacy, and data control,” said co-founder and CEO Amir Kaltak. “NEMO restores the balance between being too online and getting more value from being among other people, whether that’s at conferences, social events, or other public outings.”

NEMO Me is not just the easiest and most efficient way to share information with others, NEMO Me prides itself on military-grade security that protects user data, free from the use or misuse by any third party. It’s a one-time download, where both users have to have the app to reap all the benefits and remain in full control of your interactions. 

“At some point, technology became a distraction and started coming in between people, distracting us when we are out among others, rather than a way to connect with people, especially when they’re actually together. NEMO Me takes us back to a place where technology actually enhances our real-world experiences rather than replacing them. We want a better and more engaged world– one where technology enhances our relationships rather than distracts us, while feeling secure while doing it” said co-founder and COO Katia Zaitsev. 

NEMO Me simplifies the process of making life-changing connections on your own terms. NEMO for iPhone is now available in the App Store and NEMO for Android is now available in Google Play. To learn more about NEMO, please visit

About NEMO Me

NEMO Me is the ultimate community building tool where you can consolidate your social interactions, fostering the creation, cultivation, and curation of your community, regardless of whether you’re an individual or a business. NEMO Me brings people together seamlessly, securely and across any mobile platform with a simple phone-to-phone proximity gesture. NEMO is fully encrypted, decentralized, does not store any users data, and does not share information with third parties. To learn more about NEMO, please visit

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, NEMO Me Launches App as the Fastest and Most Secure Way to Build Community through Real Life Connections

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