New Generation of NFT on Horizon with MetaBlox NFT OpenSea Launch on September 6th

The Web3 company MetaBlox is releasing an NFT collection that promises to reward holders with ongoing income: the Genesis miner-NFT.   

, New Generation of NFT on Horizon with MetaBlox NFT OpenSea Launch on September 6th

As a miner+location NFT designed to earn crypto via mining and other special utilities, the MetaBlox Genesis NFT is the first of its kind. It is scheduled to be released on OpenSea on September 6th. 

The Genesis miner NFT of MetaBlox pre-launched on BinanceNFT on August 24th, with all 1000 NFTs selling out within a week. The Genesis miner NFTs gained significant market attention, the utility focused NFT had been staying #1 spot in trading volume in the last three days, and the floor price kept increasing as well.  

Another 1000 NFTs will be officially released on OpenSea: 950 regular and 50 Premium Genesis NFTs. The latter, more valuable edition will feature boosted mining capabilities.  

4 Profit-making NFT Utilities

MetaBlox NFT holders will earn ongoing income from four key utilities: 

Cloud mining 

Staking rewards 

Network profit splitting 

Community VIP status 

Cloud Mining

Every NFT will be pegged to a miner that generates crypto for providing location-based services like WiFi to the general public. These profits will be collected by NFT holders as $MBLX crypto tokens.

MetaBlox miners are deployed in busy urban areas with high demand for the location based Web3 services provided by crypto miners. Genesis NFT holders therefore maximize their mining yields due to their miner’s location, earning more than they would if their miner was hosted in a private residence, for example. 

Moreover, since the miners are installed and maintained by MetaBlox, NFT holders need not pay any mining operating costs. 

Staking Rewards

After the Genesis NFT’s release, MetaBlox will open a staking pool into which holders can stake their NFT for daily $MBLX token rewards. And with the NFT’s flexible staking feature, holders will be able to withdraw their NFT from the staking pool while keeping all tokens earned for each staking day. Holders can expect to earn around a dollar for each day their NFT is staked. 

The staking pool for the MetaBlox NFT opens on September 12, 2022. The pool closes on December 12th, on which day staking rewards become available for withdrawal by NFT holders. 

Network Profit Splitting

MetaBlox NFT holders earn crypto for providing ISPs with Web3 infrastructure as well.  Service providers purchase the Web3 access provided by the miners, which become nodes on their 5G networks. The operating profits made from such collaborations are also sent to NFT holders as $MBLX tokens. 

Community VIP Status   

All MetaBlox NFTs holders get community member status, which comes with the following benefits:

VIP status at special events held by MetaBlox and its partners

Special airdrops from gamefi partners 

Boosted mining incomes from defi partners 

Discounted price for using the MetaBlox network for business 

Stronger voting rights in community governance

The extra passive income earned as a result of these benefits is designed to reward NFT holders for their early investment in MetaBlox and Web3. 

What’s Next?

The MetaBlox NFT will be available on OpenSea on September 6th, 2022, while quantities last. 

For more information on MetaBlox, click on this link:

To chat and learn more about the MetaBlox project, visit: 






, New Generation of NFT on Horizon with MetaBlox NFT OpenSea Launch on September 6th

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