Onemind Launches “Drops” Feature and Artists’ Collaboration to Empower Emerging Artists and Promote Community Building

Onemind, the NFT marketplace platform dedicated to transparency, fair artist remuneration, and community building, has launched its latest feature – “Drops.” The feature is designed to promote emerging artists who may not have the same recognition as established artists on the platform.

As a response to recent controversies surrounding the lack of transparency and fair compensation for artists in the NFT marketplace, onemind has prioritized building a creator community-centric platform. The platform offers low fees, an interactive space for creators and collectors to connect and collaborate, and an algorithm that personalizes the homepage of every user with works of art, music, or collections of interest shown inside the platform.

The “Drops” feature will help promote artists who need to be seen and give them a push in their career path. Unlike other platforms that may only cater to blue-checked artists, onemind prioritizes the importance of all artists and aims to provide a space for them to showcase their work and interact with the community.

“We believe that supporting and empowering artists is essential in building a sustainable and equitable NFT ecosystem,” said Benjamin Gillens, co-founder of onemind. “Our ‘Drops’ feature is just one step in our mission to provide a platform that fosters innovation, creativity, and community building.”

In addition to the “Drops” feature, onemind remains committed to ensuring that artists are fairly compensated for their work. The platform offers royalty payments for secondary sales, so that artists can benefit from the increased value of their creations over time.

Onemind‘s dedication to community building has also led to the launch of the collaboration feature. The feature enables creators and collectors to connect and collaborate in an interactive space where they can share thoughts, ideas, recommendations, and likes. The collaboration feature fosters a sense of belonging and shared purpose in the NFT world and encourages innovation and creativity.

Recent controversies in the NFT marketplace have highlighted the urgent need for more transparent and artist-centric platforms. By prioritizing artist royalties, transparency, and community building, onemind is leading the way in this regard.

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, Onemind Launches “Drops” Feature and Artists’ Collaboration to Empower Emerging Artists and Promote Community Building

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