Oraichain Welcomes Candidates To Become Whitelisted Annotators & Earn Rewards For Data Labeling

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, Oraichain Welcomes Candidates To Become Whitelisted Annotators & Earn Rewards For Data Labeling

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 14th February, 2022,

Oraichain, a leading Artificial Intelligence-powered oracle and blockchain ecosystem supplier, today announced the launch of its Annotator Qualification Campaign, to identify suitable candidates to become whitelisted annotators on the Oraichain Data Hub.

Data annotators will serve a key role in the Oraichain’s Data Hub ecosystem, using AI-assisted labeling tools to process raw data so the quality output can be used for training AI and Machine Learning models. In return for their efforts, data annotators will gain benefits such as being able to “label-to-earn” datasets, completing tasks ranging from simple to expert level and getting paid for doing so. They’ll also gain a strong reputation in the community by earning special badges in recognition of their work, as well as the opportunity to join upcoming campaigns organized by Oraichain and its partners when it expands to crowdsource services to both academia and industry.

Oraichain is building a bridge to connect AI to smart contracts. It’s creating an advanced, full-service AI ecosystem with the ability to custom-create multiple AI- and ML-powered applications and platforms based upon a trusted, transparent and secure blockchain for numerous industry sectors.

A plentiful supply of data is key to training blockchain-based AI models. The Oraichain Data Hub decentralizes data crowdsourcing and monetization through its essential Royalty Protocol. The Data Hub provides all of the necessary tools needed to work with and monetize data for AI training while preserving the royalties of creators throughout the lifecycle of that data.

Annotators will be able to participate in Data Hub Labeling Quizzes, a new feature that enables dataset owners to upload and request an examination of their data based on specific Ground Truth. Quizzes serve to identify the most suitable human annotators for various datasets, prior to commencing work on data labeling tasks requested by the dataset owners.

Oraichain will publish an up-to-date Quizzes’ Leaderboard that automatically ranks each annotator based on their number of successfully completed quizzes, as well as their overall performance in those Quizzes. Applicants who join the Annotator Qualification Campaign will be able to take part in Quizzes and rise through the ranks as they strive to become number one on the Leaderboard.

The top 30 highest ranked annotators will be rewarded from a pool of 375 $ORAI tokens, with the top five earning 30 $ORAI each, those ranked from 6th to 10th earning 20 $ORAI, 11th to 15th earning 10 $ORAI and the remainder rewarded with 5 $ORAI a piece.

Orachain Data Hub will eventually grow to become a fully-fledged dataset center with multiple advanced features and services to suit a large scope of users. Data Hub will soon connect to other data markets such as Ocean and expand its crowdsourcing services to both academia and industry. It will encourage users to continue adding more open-source datasets for the AI community, with contributors eventually able to earn through “dataset staking”, while enterprises will be able to request custom-made datasets for almost any use case.

More details about the Annotator Qualification Campaign will be revealed through Oraichain’s official Telegram soon, and anyone who is interested in data labeling to earn is invited to join.

About Oraichain
Oraichain is an AI-Powered Oracle and Blockchain Ecosystem. Oraichain data oracle platform aggregates and connects Artificial Intelligence APIs to smart contracts and regular applications. Founded by Dr Chung Dao, Oraichain’s mission is to be the portal between AI and blockchain technologies, aiming to revolutionize the AI, DeFi, and Blockchain industries.


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