Origin Protocol Partners With Google Cloud To Create NFT Marketplace

Origin Protocol partners with Google Cloud to create dshop

Long Beach (CoinChapter): Origin Protocol has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud to set up an NFT marketplace, known as Dshop. This is far from Origin’s first foray into the NFT world.

Last month, Justin Blau’s NFT album sold for around $12 million on Origin auctions. Also in 2020, Origin helped Brave browser set up an online marketplace for their NFTs, that accepts OGN.

Dshop is promising to revolutionize the future of NFT commerce. The marketplace will combine two unique services: minting NFTs, and the high liquidity marketplace to sell them on. Dshop users will also be able to tokenize their digital objects using Web3’s MetaMask wallet. This will connect NFT minting sites such as OpenSea, where they’ll be able to turn their digital object into an NFT for free.

These minted NFTs however, will not be attached to these sites.

The user can then put up a listing indicating what NFT they wish to sell. Buyers connected to Dshop will pay in Ether or any other ERC-20 tokens. The seller will then transfer the NFT to them, and the trade would be complete.

Origin Protocol has plans on expanding their NFT coverage

Dshop intends to make NFT trading easier for end-level content creators. It will cut out the middle man, putting power back into the hands of artists. Origin Protocol also has plans on expanding and growing their NFT coverage.

They have NFT sales from hip-hop superstar Lupe Fiasco and YouTube sensation and professional boxer Jake Paul in the works. Additionally, they recently announced an upcoming release of an exclusive NFT from ONEDIRECTION’s Ryan Tedder.

NFTs seem to be taking over the entire crypto industry, being integrated into so many walks of life. From music and art, to sports collectibles, everyone seems to be joining the craze. Origin is continuing to grow, and the hope is that this latest partnership with Google Cloud will allow Dshop to see the success of its other platforms.

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