Oryen doubles the gains for its investors by 100%, while BNB and BigEyes are lagging behind

Oryen doubles the gains for its investors by 100%, while BNB and BigEyes are lagging behind

Cryptocurrencies offer an alternative way for investors to grow their assets. As such, traders have joined the crypto market to invest in upcoming and even well-established projects. Those who prefer established projects see them as comparably safer. On the other hand, investors with a higher risk appetite prefer small-cap coins for potentially high returns.

One of the up-and-coming projects that have caught most investors’ attention is Oryen, a DeFi staking platform offering high-yield APY to investors. During the first phase of the presale, Oryen’s native token (ORY) jumped 100% in value, doubling investments for its earliest backers.

A Future Top Coin?

ORY’s performance at this stage is only comparable to BNB and Cardano in their early years. However, considering the bearish crypto markets through 2022, ORY’s 100% price spike in one month could arguably be one of the best crypto performances this year, and there is no end in sight.

Despite the remarkable rise in ORY’s token value, Oryen sets its platform apart from the rest. Oryen has built a robust staking platform with auto-staking tools, a treasury, and a risk-free value (RFV) wallet. Together, these features enable a 90% fixed APY for holders of ORY, fully automated.

Most – if not all – investors are inclined to value for money. Oryen offers just that with its utility token, which you the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) stakes for holders automatically to earn a guaranteed and high yield. In addition, the project isn’t riding hype like many meme coins, which eventually peak and decline for the lack of long-term utilities. For instance, ORY has maintained a positive growth trend compared to Big Eyes.

Steady in Turbulence

It’s no secret that nearly all cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, took a massive hit in the turbulent crypto markets. Commendably, top coins like BNB performed relatively well, yet still, the token lost significant value. Learning from this year’s markets, Oryen developers have introduced mechanisms to sustain an enduring token value for ORY and make it a viable reserve currency.

The platform’s buy-and-sell taxes incentivize users to hold ORY instead of selling. Since fewer people are selling ORY and more people utilize its buy-hold-earn approach, the swelling demand results in a steady price rise. Through an investor’s eyes, such features make ORY a sound currency for storing value and passive income.

Final Take

Investors who focus on high-yield crypto projects have to bear high risks. Otherwise, you can opt for less risky projects for lower returns. However, Oryen offers a simple and beginner-friendly ecosystem with high returns.

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