Revolutionary Decentralized Web Project, DecentraBox, Launches Providing Secure File Sharing and Storage

DecentraBox, a highly anticipated blockchain-based permissionless and decentralized data storage project, is thrilled to announce its official launch with the release of its revolutionary dApp. The platform offers a decentralized way of uploading and sharing files, enabling users to upload files up to 10GB at once.

, Revolutionary Decentralized Web Project, DecentraBox, Launches Providing Secure File Sharing and Storage

DecentraBox uses IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a decentralized protocol that allows for the safe storage and sharing of files. IPFS is a protocol that breaks files into smaller pieces and distributes them across multiple computers, making it virtually impossible for anyone to alter or compromise the security of the file once it has been uploaded. Each file is recognizable by a single hash, which provides a unique identity to the file.

“With DecentraBox, we wanted to create a platform that allows users to upload files in a safe and secure manner without any fear of losing their data,” said the CEO of DecentraBox. “We are excited to launch the dApp and to provide users with a reliable and efficient platform that they can use without any hassle.”

How does it work?

When you upload a file to DecentraBox, the dApp splits it into smaller chunks and distributes them across multiple nodes in the IPFS network. Each chunk is identified by a unique hash that acts as its address. To retrieve your file, you only need to know its hash and enter it in the DecentraBox dApp. You can also share your files with others by sending them the hash or generating a link.

DecentraBox has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience to make it easy for users to understand and use. The platform’s infrastructure also means that there are no limits on the types of files that users can share.

The DecentraBox team is dedicated to ensuring that users can easily use the platform without any technical difficulties or prior knowledge of blockchain or IPFS. To celebrate its launch, DecentraBox will be releasing a tutorial video to guide users through the process of using the platform and maximizing its functionalities.


$DBOX is the native utility token of DecentraBox. It has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens and follows a deflationary model. The platform charges a buy/sell tax of 6%, which is split between marketing (5%) and development (1%). This will ensure that the platform remains sustainable and continues to provide users with high-quality services. $DBOX holders can benefit from passive income through reflections as well as access exclusive features and rewards in the future.

What’s more in DecentraBox?

In the upcoming update, DecentraBox plans to add link sharing and stored item previews, making it even easier to share files with friends, family, and colleagues. The platform is designed to be highly scalable, ensuring that it can handle a vast number of users and files. The team is committed to ensuring that the platform remains up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities, making it even better over time.

“We believe that decentralization is the future, and we are committed to creating a platform that reflects this vision,” said the CEO of DecentraBox. “We are confident that our platform will provide users with a safe, secure, and efficient way to store and share their files.”

DecentraBox is now live and fully operational, and users can start uploading their files to the platform right away. DecentraBox is here to revolutionize the way individuals store and share data online. With its focus on decentralization, security, and user-friendliness, DecentraBox is poised to become a leading player in the blockchain-based decentralized web market.

If you are interested in joining the DecentraBox community and supporting its vision of decentralizing the web and creating a more open, fair, and transparent internet for everyone, visit their website at, or follow them on their social media channels:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord


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, Revolutionary Decentralized Web Project, DecentraBox, Launches Providing Secure File Sharing and Storage

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