Ripple [Literally] Sold XRP as Securities: Opinion

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Ripple [Literally] Sold XRP as Securities: Opinion

NOIDA ( — The story of Ripple and its legal battle with the bad, bad US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been the crypto sector’s favorite David and Goliath story.

However, it seems more of a Tom and Jerry situation- an innocent cat trying to defend its home from a wily mouse. Yes, it is Jerry (Ripple) that we all support and like and love, but think about it, that cute mouse is a pest, and Tom (SEC) is only doing what cats do.

Yet, we laugh at Tom’s misery, champion Jerry, and deem each 20-minute episode a win of the righteous and mighty hero over the cruel and sadistic villain.

XRP Is A Security

Picture this: a company holding an enormous stash of digital tokens, selling them off to fund its operations, all the while insisting, with a straight face, that these tokens are not securities.

For clarity, Securities are fungible and tradable financial instruments to raise capital in public and private markets.

Ripple’s dance with XRP has been like watching a ballet performed on a legal tightrope. The company embarked on a funding journey by peddling its tokens to anyone with a blockchain wallet.

But here’s the twist: Ripple insisted that XRP, a token with many uses, was as far from being a security as a cryptocurrency could be. This claim, bold as it was, faced the stern gaze of the SEC, an entity not known for its sense of humor when it comes to unregistered securities offerings.

Ripple SEC XRP
XRP supporters hate the SEC.

The SEC, in a move that surprised exactly no one who has ever read a financial regulation, decided to crash Ripple’s party. The SEC accused Ripple of raising over $1.3 billion through an ongoing digital asset securities offering.

However, Ripple countered that XRP is no more security than a Bitcoin pizza, an investment in Italian cuisine.

What makes this dance so mesmerizing is the sheer audacity of Ripple’s stance. Imagine selling billions of something and then arguing about the nature of what you’re selling after the fact.

It’s like opening a lemonade stand, selling gallons of mysterious “lemon-flavored” beverages, and then debating the involvement of lemons. The SEC wants to register XRP as a security on the argument that if it looks like a security, quacks like a security, and tastes like a security, it must be one.

Ripple Vs. SEC Not Just A Courtroom Drama

Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC is more of a litmus test for the cryptocurrency industry’s future. The controversy raises questions about what constitutes security in the digital age and whether the SEC’s rulebook needs a blockchain update.

The outcome of the Ripple vs. SEC battle could set precedents that ripple (pun intended) through the crypto world.

XRP Is Security, Ripple [Literally] Sold XRP as Securities: Opinion
The Ripple SEC battle has gone on for some time now

Ripple’s story highlights the need for regulatory clarity in an industry that’s as volatile as it is innovative. As we watch this saga unfold, one thing becomes clear: the line between securities and cryptocurrencies is as blurry as the legal arguments surrounding them.

In conclusion, whether Ripple was selling XRP as securities is a matter for the courts to decide. But one thing is certain: the court of public opinion would remember Ripple’s adventures with XRP as a bold experiment in the limits of legal definitions and the boundless optimism of the crypto industry.

Let’s hope that when the dust settles, we’ll have clearer rules for the road ahead.

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