Solana Grapples to Reach the $200 Mark Again, Meme Coins Getting Huge Investment

Key Takeaways:

  • Solana reached $200 levels last month but is struggling to maintain the status quo after dropping to $183 currently.
  • NuggetRush has collected more than $3.6 million in its ongoing presale.
  • It is considered as a top meme coin with real-world utilities in place.
Solana Grapples to Reach the $200 Mark Again, Meme Coins Getting Huge Investment

It’s quite a balanced month for Solana as the price of SOL went up by 13% last week reaching a high of $208, but then it went down. But this has not led to investors getting concerned about the future as it is one of the top crypto coins by market capitalization. The current price of $186 is looking sustainable for new investors but it will be interesting to see if Solana will struggle to regain its all time high and break the $200 barrier. With new airdrops happening on the best crypto exchange of Solana, a lot of meme coins are getting huge investment from clients.

One such meme coin which is looking pretty strong this month is NuggetRush (NUGX). It is basically a Play-to-Earn crypto coin that allows the investors to take part in the online game and earn real money rewards. With a strong set of unique features, it has managed to raise $3.6 million in its presale. 

Let’s dig deeper to find out the investor sentiments behind the crypto investment and how things are looking in the near future.

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Solana Exponential Rally Comes to a Haul 

Solana has been growing steadily this year with a whopping price increase of 71% in the past 30 days. It was trading at $109 last month and since then it has gone up to a life-time-high of $208 recently. But things didn’t last long for this cryptocurrency as it got a downfall trend and is hovering at $180 levels now. If big investors decide to sell more of their crypto assets, it could make things worse for SOL and other similar coins.

Another problem for SOL could come from legal issues. The U.S. Justice Department is taking action against KuCoin exchange and two of its founders. They say KuCoin allowed illegal trading worth over $5 billion to increase the crypto market cap of this coin. Even though there are worries about Bitcoin and unclear rules, SOL usually does well when the Solana network grows. People are excited about Solana’s tokens and projects, like memecoins, which are becoming popular. This makes more people want to use SOL as it is one of the altcoins to watch out for this year.

Looking at the Solana network over 30 days, there’s been a big increase in activity and trading. This makes it hard to be negative about the upcoming price trend. Solana is doing better compared to its main rival, BNB Chain, which has seen its value drop to $586. The data shows that Solana’s decentralized apps (DApps) have grown a lot in the last month, much more than its competitors like BNB Chain and Arbitrum.

NuggetRush Collects $3.6 Million Investment in the Presale

Coming to other emerging meme coins in the market, we have a rising star in the form of NuggetRush. With an active community of followers and a dedicated section for NFT trading, it has already crossed $3.6 million in investment. This is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces that offers a 20% yield on your staked tokens. That being said, it also allows you to create your own avatar, trade NFT items, stake the collections, and get yourself entertained by playing the online P2E game. 

It has an online virtual game where you have to play alone or form teams with other players to find hidden gems in the allocated land. As you keep on discovering the hidden items, you will progress to the next level. It gives you a chance to exchange the in-game assets with real gold at their marketplace. So, it’s the best crypto investment opportunity for those who are good at gaming. 

It also contributes a portion of their profits to improve the living conditions of poor miners in developing countries. With no taxes on buying or selling the NUGX tokens, you can invest your full money easily. This is a rare feature you will find in any other cryptocurrency. So, if you are NFT gaming meme coins with a potential to change the crypto industry, NuggetRush should be on top of your list.

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Solana is having a tough time reaching the $200 mark once again. Meanwhile, meme coins like NuggetRush are attracting significant investments. So, if you want to get into cryptocurrency, it’s the perfect time to enter NuggetRush with an attractive price of $0.019 per token.

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