TechBerry Review – An In-Depth Analysis

TechBerry Review - An In-Depth Analysis

TechBerry Review At a Glance

Best For:Pros:Cons:
➢  New traders who lack sufficient trading knowledge of the FX markets.
➢      Pro FX traders who want automated and hassle-free trading strategies.
➢  Offers a versatile range of payment options.
➢  Provides a consistent and guaranteed profit.
➢  Provide capital loss reimbursement to members. However, it differs according to the plan’s type.
➢  Audited by leading third-party sites. This makes the platform credible in the eyes of investors.
➢ Designs completely automated trading strategies using data and AI, ultimately making FX trading effortless for investors.
➢  Only compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms.
➢  Platform has several stringent requirements for every trader. This might discourage several participants from joining the platform.
➢ The minimum deposit requirements are high. For example, you need to deposit $1000 even if you have the basic White plan. 


Are you interested in exploring the Forex (FX) market but you lack sufficient knowledge about how to trade and make impressive gains?

Don’t worry. TechBerry– a noteworthy social trading platform – has you covered.

See, the FX market is difficult to understand and the extremely volatile nature makes it risky for new investors.

In such cases, you need an automated tool that can design profitable trading strategies. Fortunately, TechBerry is one such tool making headlines in the traders’ community.

Without any further ado, let’s discover more about TechBerry in this detailed review.

What is TechBerry All About?

Founded in 2015, TechBerry has made a name for itself in the FX industry.

It’s essentially an automated social trading platform that fuses the power of AI and global data.

The software acts as an Expert Advisor (EA) with a built-in AI system, aiming to provide automated trading solutions.

Here’s how it works:

The platform’s algorithm collects and analyzes data of over 100,000 Forex traders around the globe. Afterwards, the AI samples only the best trades and builds strategies based on the data collected.

You know the best part? The platform boasts of providing returns up to 11.2% in monthly profit. Indeed, the earning potential is quite impressive.

The platform is available for use by investors, traders, and even financial institutions. Let’s discover use-cases for each of the different parties.

Currently, TechBerry offices are located in Sydney, Munich, and Dubai. Plus, there’s an ongoing plan to create an office in California (USA). The platform is following a rapid expansion plan to become accessible to users worldwide.

Who can Use TechBerry?

As mentioned earlier, TechBerry services are available for investors, traders, and financial institutions alike. Let’s get into the specific details for each service offering.

TechBerry for Investors

TechBerry is created for investors who want to optimize their FX trading strategies whilst maximizing profits. Here are the three unique features TechBerry offers to its investors:

●       Impressive returns of up to 11.2% on the investment.

●       AI algorithms automate trading for investors.

●       Capital is protected with insurance coverage.

The process for investors is quite simple. TechBerry collects data from over 100,000 trading accounts and uses AI to identify various market opportunities.

To get started, here’s what you need to do:

●       Visit the website

●       Click “Join Now” and fill the registration form.

●       Now, click “Sign up”.

●       Verify yourself as a user on the platform.

●       Select your preferred plan and pay via your desired payment channel.

TechBerry for Traders

TechBerry offers a unique proposition for traders. Experienced FX traders can earn at least $500 just by sharing their trading statistics with TechBerry.

But why?

See, the platform operates on the basis of crowdsourced data. So, you can sign-up, share your trading statistics, and create an additional income stream.

Plus, it’s quite simple. If you’re a trader, all you need to do is install TechBerry EA and integrate with your MT4 or MT5 platform.

Similarly, TechBerry artificial intelligence also designs automated trading strategies as per your style.

Note: MT4 and MT5 are trading platforms specifically for FX traders.

TechBerry for Financial Institutions (FIs)

TechBerry facilitates financial institutions globally to access accurate trading data of the FX market. These financial institutions can integrate TechBerry in their existing infrastructure and gain access to real-time advanced trading strategies.

Furthermore, the integration of TechBerry can also strengthen the Treasury department of the bank, enabling them to make swift decisions, open/close profitable positions, and optimize the bank deposits.

Additionally, FIs can also use TechBerry to connect their clients with experienced traders and improve trading outcomes.

Is TechBerry Legitimate?

The FX market is crowded with numerous EA scams. This has ultimately caused several newbie FX investors to lose their capital to market scams.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with TechBerry. It’s a reputable trading algorithm, co-operating with over 50 leading brokers in the market and having over thousands of global users. The interesting part is that these brokers have regulatory approvals from notable entities, such as FCA, FSA, FINRA, and Cysec, amongst others.

Security Features

Another important factor that strengthens the legitimacy argument for TechBerry is related to security features. The platform has key security regulations in place, such as KYC standards, and two-factor authentication.

Stringent KYC standards verifies the users and enhances the authenticity of the platform. Similarly, the 2FA verification creates a double barrier between a user and the platform, ultimately reducing the vulnerability of hacking.

Audit Partners

Another factor that makes TechBerry legitimate is its partnership with different audit sites. All the trading data is audited by leading sites, such as FxAudit, FxBlue, and MyFxBook.

All of these factors combined ensure that TechBerry is a legitimate, credible, and secure FX trading algorithm.

Uniqueness of TechBerry

TechBerry simplifies multitude of financial data in a straightforward way. The built-in AI system of TechBerry will display carefully curated trading strategies within a split seconds time.

As a result, this saves the time and effort that a trader would have been spent analyzing thousands of accounts.

Another unique aspect that differentiates TechBerry from the rest is the unparalleled power of AI. The algorithm uses deep learning capabilities to design appropriate trading strategies and time-frames for profitable trades.

Moreover, the built-in AI compares charts and various other variables to screen the best trades and develop a profitable trading strategy. Users also have access to a real-time trading monitor screen, enabling them to learn about the evolving market dynamics in the present time.

Therefore, it’s simply no wonder why TechBerry has been successful in yielding consistent guaranteed profits for investors. Best of all, the platform has trading results data dating back to 2015 to support the claim of guaranteed profits.

Competitive Analysis of TechBerry

There are multiple FX exchanges, EAs, and bots competing in the market. Let’s compare TechBerry with some of its leading counterparts.

TechBerry Vs. ZuluTrade

Zulutrade is a popular platform that facilitates pro as well as newbie investors in the FX market via copy trading.

Copy Trading is a unique concept whereby investors can replicate the trading patterns and strategies of experienced traders. This feature saves time, effort, and risk for investors who are entering the FX market for the first time.

One unique component of ZuluTrade is ZuluGuard – a feature that monitors traders’ behavior and removes a trader when their positions deviates from the risk profile.

On the flip side, TechBerry is a social trading platform that uses AI and global FX traders’ data to sample best trading strategies for its users.

The purpose of both platforms are the same, but the processes are quite different.

TechBerry Vs. eToro

eToro is a remarkable exchange that offers a wide range of financial assets and securities, ranging from stocks and fixed-income to cryptocurrencies and FX.

It’s a globally recognized exchange with a user base of 30 million. Impressive, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the exchange is regulated and offers top-notch security features for its users. Additionally, eToro has copy trading as well as a smart portfolio feature. Copy trading simply lets users copy the trades of highly successful traders and increase their chances of making gains.

On the other hand, smart portfolios are basically innovative portfolios designed by eToro analysts. Each has a unique investment strategy and they usually invest in diversified sectors and industries. Users are free to choose any portfolio as per their risk appetite and investing needs.

TechBerry is different since it solely focuses on FX markets, while eToro offers over 3000 different instruments.

TechBerry Vs. is essentially an FX trading platform offering over 80+ FX pairs and gold and silver trading.

The platform is known for offering services at competitive prices, flexible prices, and live analysis of markets.

On the other hand, TechBerry is a social trading platform for FX users. It designs automated strategies using AI and global data, enabling users to make profitable trades.

Both platforms operate in the same asset classes, but is an exchange market, while TechBerry is a social trading application.

Customer Satisfaction of TechBerry Users

TechBerry offers a top-notch user experience. From hassle-free signup process to providing an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, TechBerry ensures that it’s accessible by all kinds of investors – be it beginner or pro traders.

Apart from providing a world-class user experience, the customer service of TechBerry is ready to assist users at all times. You can reach them to solve a query via live chat on the website. Moreover, you can also fill out a ticket and receive a call back from the customer service team.

In terms of customer satisfaction, the platform ticks all the boxes.

Membership Plans of TechBerry

The platform offers a versatile range of membership plans. In total, there are eight plans, including:

●       Trial

●       White

●       Green

●       Silver

●       Gold

●       Platinum

●       Diamond

●       Infinite

Each of the plans has a different subscription cost, service fee, minimum deposit requirement, and trading loss reimbursement level.

Moreover, you can get a personal manager for your FX portfolio if you sign up for the gold, platinum, diamond, or infinite plans.

In addition to this, the platform also offers a separate plan for cryptocurrencies. That’s not all. The platform supports multiple payment channels, including Apple Pay, VISA, AMEX, and Wire Transfer.

The platform also has a trial plan. So, if you’re a beginner, you can sign-up for the trial plan and test out the platform’s performance.

If you want a detailed overview of each subscription plan, check out TechBerry website.

Final Verdict!

TechBerry has been creating disruption in the FX market for over eight years now, and it’ll hopefully continue its winning streaks in the near future.

The ultimate fusion of AI with traders’ data makes TechBerry one of the most sought-after platforms.

Plus, the flexible plans, consistent profits, and platform’s credibility make it a suitable platform for investors looking to trade in FX markets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does TechBerry Work?

TechBerry is a social trading platform that uses a deep learning AI algorithm to analyze trading data of over 100,000 traders’ accounts around the globe. The algorithm samples the best trades and curates customized trading strategies for each investor.

What’s the concept of social trading?

Social trading is a form of engaged trading where traders invest based on the trading patterns and behaviors of their peers.

What’s the difference between the MT4 and MT5 trading platform?

MT4 is the industry standard platform for CFD and FX trading. It was created in 2005 to facilitate FX brokers and traders.

On the other hand, MT5 was developed in 2010. While MT5 looks similar to MT4, it has a different purpose. MT5 doesn’t solely focus on FX trading, it can also facilitate trading of stocks, commodities, futures, and options.

Moreover, it also complies with the no-hedging rule of the US where FX traders trade on the FIFO method. Therefore, MT5 is a suitable platform for US traders.

Disclaimer: The statements, views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of CoinChapter. CoinChapter will not be responsible in any way for the content of the same. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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