The Rocky Horror Show NFTs: Exclusive TimeWarp Drop Starting on Show’s 50th Anniversary

, The Rocky Horror Show NFTs: Exclusive TimeWarp Drop Starting on Show’s 50th AnniversaryOnline Blockchain plc is launching its first publicly available The Rocky Horror Show NFT on June 19th at 12pm UTC on NFT marketplace OpenSea.


The genesis TimeWarp NFT (non-fungible token) will feature the iconic blood drip font logo from the cult show’s title. The one-of-a-kind rare will be priced at 0.1 ETH (approximately $175 at time of writing). The remaining 49 1:1s will be released as ‘surprise drops’ at random times and prices over a two-week period ending on July 3rd, 2023 at 2pm UTC. These will all feature the instantly recognisable logo, but each will be customised with unique traits so that no two are the same. 


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Anyone purchasing one of the 50 TimeWarp NFTs during the window will automatically qualify for a free character pack, which contains the full set of The Rocky Horror Show cast reimagined as NFTs. Holders will each receive a total of nine single edition NFTs: Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Riff Raff, Columbia, Janet, Brad, Rocky, Dr. Everett Scott and Eddie. These will be launched on the Polygon network and airdropped to TimeWarp owners. Holders of the 1/1 logo NFTs will be the first to own the character packs, and as this will be recorded on the blockchain it will ensure that all the pieces in the 50 packs inherit a unique rarity. 


Collectors will need to keep a close eye on The Rocky Horror Show NFTs’ Twitter and Instagram feeds to find out when the next in the series has dropped. Between two and five will be released at unannounced times daily across the period with prices across a wide range. 



“The TimeWarp NFTs represent the first opportunity to be part of the Rocky Horror Show Web3 story; if you manage to snag one at a low price it will be a lucky day,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “This is the initial phase in a very exciting journey and building a Rocky Horror-themed metaverse for NFT holders is where the road leads.” 



Online Blockchain announced on January 30th, 2023, that it had entered into a worldwide licence with Interfishnet Limited, rights holders of The Rocky Horror Show intellectual property, to create and market a range of character NFTs. Web3 is the perfect home for The Rocky Horror Show, a cultural phenomenon that transcends generations, geography and sexual ideology and celebrates individuality, self-expression, pleasure-seeking, and gender fluidity. 

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, The Rocky Horror Show NFTs: Exclusive TimeWarp Drop Starting on Show’s 50th Anniversary

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