Tips for Beginner Investors: Mushe Token (XMU), Algorand (ALGO), The Graph (GRT)

Tips for Beginner Investors
Tips for Beginner Investors

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies, but don’t know where to start? It can be challenging and daunting to start your crypto journey, but research and analysis will help you feel more confident about your investment decisions. Here are 3 exciting cryptocurrencies worth your consideration: Mushe Token (XMU)Algorand (ALGO), and The Graph (GRT)

The newcomer Mushe Token (XMU) aims to impress the crypto community

Mushe Token (XMU) is a DeFi (decentralised finance) protocol that includes NFT trading and metaverse elements. The project aims to increase blockchain adoption. The platform currently operates on Ethereum (ETH) but aims to migrate to the Stellar’s (XLM) open network in the near future. 

The native token of the project is XMU. XMU’s collection supply is 777 million, and its presale is 233.1 million. You may quickly keep track of Mushe Token (XMU) and other presale tokens on the BoostX platform.

Like many new coins, XMU has a vesting period. This period has been determined as 6 months. According to the developer team, 15.8% of the total assets will be available every month starting September 22. 5% will also be available at launch. Purchases made in the second phase are for 4 months and 22.5% will be available every month starting September 22. 

With XMU, it is possible to participate in campaigns, voting, and award events. To qualify for the staking program, you must have 125,000 XMU. Mushe Token (XMU) token currently supports ERC-20 wallets. These are compatible to store your tokens. Trust Wallet, Metamask & Mushe can be given as examples.

The official launch date of Mushe Token (XMU) is stated by the developer team as of July 4, 2022. The first stage of the project’s roadmap includes listing on UniSwap and other Tier 2 & 3 exchanges. It is stated that XMU tokens that are not sold until July 4 will be allocated to the reserve capital wallet and removed from circulation. 

Algorand (ALGO) – takes transaction security to the next level 

Algorand (ALGO) is a decentralised network for cryptocurrency transactions. Its purpose is to provide a fast, secure, and scalable platform for processing transactions. At the time of writing, its market cap is US$3.2 million. 

Blockchain technology is used to create a distributed ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Algorand uses a unique consensus algorithm that is based on a Byzantine Agreement Protocol. This ensures that all transactions on the network are verified and approved by a majority of users. As a result, Algorand (ALGO) is able to offer its users a high degree of security and transparency.

Tips for Beginner Investors:, Tips for Beginner Investors: Mushe Token (XMU), Algorand (ALGO), The Graph (GRT)

How does The Graph (GRT) contribute to the crypto industry? 

The Graph (GRT) is a decentralised protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains. It is similar to how a search engine indexes the internet. The Graph allows anyone to build public APIs, called subgraphs, that developers can query with GraphQL. Subgraphs are open source and stored in IPFS. 

The Graph has a native token called GRT. Users who host and index data on The Graph network are compensated with GRT. The Graph (GRT) currently supports indexing data from Ethereum, IPFS, and PoA Networks, with more support planned. The Graph Protocol has a market cap of approximately $1.1 billion as of May 2022. It is one of the largest decentralised protocols and its native token, GRT, is one of the top 20 cryptocurrency assets by market capitalization.

Although it is important to do your own research, this article has hopefully given you a good starting point for your investment journey. Mushe Token (XMU) is a project that looks very promising and worthwhile, and The Graph (GRT) could be an interesting option if you’re looking for something more established. Please remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose. 

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Tips for Beginner Investors:, Tips for Beginner Investors: Mushe Token (XMU), Algorand (ALGO), The Graph (GRT)

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