Top 3 Trending Crypto Tokens Today: Wormhole, Ethena, and Waves

Top 3 Trending Crypto Tokens
Top 3 Trending Crypto Tokens

NAIROBI ( – According to Santiment’s social dashboard, three top crypto tokens were trending and driving market discussions today. The native tokens associated with the interoperability project Wormhole ($W), synthetic dollar protocol Ethena Labs ($ENA), and the Waves Protocol ($WAVES) have captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Trending Crypto Tokens
Top 3 trending crypto today. Source: Santiment/X

Token’s Airdrop Drums Up Hype

The Wormhole team officially launched its W governance token on April 3 via an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDO) on Solana-based DEX OpenBook at an initial price of $1.66.

However, following a massive airdrop of over 670 million tokens to 400,000+ wallets, the token’s price dipped by around 14% to currently trade at $1.18 with a market cap of $2.17 billion.

Wormhole W price chart
Wormhole W price chart. Source: TradingView

However, the airdrop’s success was not without its challenges. Cybersecurity experts and the Wormhole team issued warnings about phishing scams targeting participants. Notably, ZachXBT highlighted the emergence of fraudulent accounts with verified symbols attempting to deceive users.

Wormhole scam alert. Source X

This situation underscores the importance of vigilance among community members, especially in events involving significant token distributions.

Ethena and Waves Ride the Governance Token Wave

On the other hand, Ethena captured the market’s attention with a significant surge in its governance token, ENA, introduced on April 2. Following a $450 million airdrop, ENA has seen a remarkable price increase, now sitting at $1.02 with a 20.93% rise in market capitalization to $1,456,046,130.

Top 3 Trending Crypto, Top 3 Trending Crypto Tokens Today: Wormhole, Ethena, and Waves
Ethena ENA price chart. Source: CoinmarkertCap

Ethena’s announcement about integrating Bitcoin (BTC) as a backing asset for its USDe stablecoin marks a pivotal development. This move is set to substantially scale USDe’s supply from its current $2 billion, offering a new level of stability and trust in the token. This addition not only diversifies USDe’s backing assets but also enhances its appeal to a broader investor base looking for secure and scalable stablecoin options.

The hype surrounding Ethena’s ENA token, therefore, stems from its direct involvement in facilitating a more robust and reliable digital economy, leveraging the inherent value and widespread acceptance of BTC to bolster its ecosystem.

Top 3 Trending Crypto, Top 3 Trending Crypto Tokens Today: Wormhole, Ethena, and Waves
WAVES/USD 1-day price chart. Source: TradingView

Waves have been making waves with a proposal to utilize $XTN treasury funds for investment into the WavesIndex (WIND) pool. This strategy involves buying tokens using WAVES from Neutrino reserves, aiming to strengthen the protocol’s financial ecosystem. Currently, WAVES trades at $2.92, witnessing a 15.18% decline. Despite the downturn, the proposal represents a significant step towards leveraging treasury assets for long-term growth.

In conclusion, Wormhole, Ethena, and Waves have emerged as the top 3 crypto tokens in the current crypto market trend. Their recent activities showcase not only the innovative strategies employed by crypto projects to enhance value and engagement but also the challenges they face in a fluctuating market environment. As the crypto community closely watches these developments, the lessons learned and the outcomes achieved will undoubtedly influence future strategies in the digital asset space.

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