Top Crypto Listing Alerts Today: Moon Inu, HyperGPT, and Many More

crypto exchange listings
Top crypto exchange listings today

YEREVAN ( — Today, many crypto tokens will be listed on top exchanges, broadening the market’s landscape and offering traders various new investment avenues. These listings could influence market trends, introduce fresh dynamics into the trading environment, and potentially signal the growing acceptance and maturation of cryptocurrencies as a whole. (CHO) (CHO) aims to be the world’s first MetaFi platform. Through its Charism ecosystem, it combines CeFi’s best with Crypterium and DeFi’s innovations. This effort seeks to simplify DeFi, reduce fees, and increase yields for CeFi users. The CHO token facilitates staking, voting, promotions, and gas payments.

Upon launching, rolled out 1 billion CHO tokens, earmarking a large part for promotion and its community, including the founding team and early backers.

The Crypterium team, with leaders Vladimir Gorbunov and Austin Kimm, started the platform. Their expertise in FinTech and CeFi fuels their goal to make DeFi widely accessible and governed by the community through the CHO token. 8-Day Update Tease 8-Day Update Tease


HyperGPT is creating a Web3 AI marketplace that uses blockchain to improve traditional AI applications. It provides a centralized gateway to various applications, streamlining the process for both developers and users.

Unique in its approach, HyperGPT fuses AI and blockchain to craft a decentralized marketplace with AI-enhanced search capabilities, smart contracts, and a focus on privacy and Web3 interoperability. It’s also the first to have an SDK for smooth AI integration into decentralized apps.

HyperGPT plans to enhance its marketplace and adopt the latest AI technologies. The team is also looking to establish new partnerships and explore the burgeoning NFT space. Throughout all these developments, maintaining data privacy and fostering community involvement remains central goals. Additionally, the platform’s native $HGPT token is pivotal, offering users benefits such as early access to updates and priority services.

HyperGPT (HGPT) went live on BingX on April 3. Deposits for HGPT opened one day prior, with withdrawals becoming available on April 4. The graphic emphasized the listing date and time against a sleek black backdrop, capturing the essence of HyperGPT’s distinctive brand.

HyperGPT BingX Listing Announcement
HyperGPT BingX Listing Announcement


$MOON INU, with the ticker $MOON, positions itself as more than just a cryptocurrency. It’s at the forefront of innovation, aiming to reshape how we think about financial and technological transactions in the future. It appeals to those who are always looking ahead and ready to embrace new advancements in finance and tech.

The latest live data shows $MOON INU at a price of $1.31e-7 USD, with a trading volume of $505,129 in the last 24 hours. It’s seen a 5.25% increase within the same timeframe. Although its market cap is currently not listed, there’s a maximum supply of 69,420,000,000,000 MOON coins.

Moon Inu MEXC Listing and Airdrop
Moon Inu MEXC Listing and Airdrop

Moon Inu, a meme coin on the Base Chain, is set to start trading on MEXC Global. The pairing MOON INU/USDT is launching on April 3, 2024, at 12:00 PM (UTC). To kick things off, there’s a voting event with $MX, MEXC’s native token, where participants can earn a share of a $30,000 USDT airdrop reward pool. HEART is developing a platform for AI-based creation and governance. It’s pioneering a system where AI and blockchain work together for ethical AI development. The platform will offer creators a suite of tools, allowing them to build and govern digital likenesses and other AI-generated content. With blockchain, it aims to provide transparency and fairness in AI, ensuring that creators are rewarded and AIs remain accountable.

As for the HEART tokens, has minted a total of 7.8 billion, with 335.2 million currently available for trading. These tokens are part of the platform’s governance and reward system.

Guiding, Sabin Dima leverages his tech entrepreneurship to lead a robust team with luminaries like Prof. Nicu Sebe, an AI authority, and blockchain expert Vali Malinoiu. Together, they propel the platform forward, pooling extensive expertise from various tech fields to shape the project’s trajectory. Ecosystem Launch Tease Ecosystem Launch Tease

The ecosystem is on the verge of launch, partnering with @y8udotai and ushering in a new era of AI. This announcement on their official Twitter page signals an exciting development set for the very next day. The image accompanying the tweet teases the imminent unveiling of the Humans AI Ecosystem, stirring anticipation for what’s to come.

Immutable IMX

Paving new paths in the Ethereum landscape, Immutable (IMX) is leading as a layer-two scaling solution specifically for NFTs. It addresses scalability and improves user experience by allowing instant NFT trades. Moreover, users and developers enjoy the perk of zero gas fees for minting and trading while the platform maintains strong security measures.

Initially founded by the Forbes 30 Under 30-listed Ferguson brothers, Immutable quickly attracted attention and funding from notable blockchain investors. Moreover, the project taps into the promise of zk-rollup technology, carving out a niche at the cutting edge of the Ethereum NFT space. Thus, Immutable stands poised to redefine digital ownership on Ethereum.

The network’s IMX token serves multiple functions: fee payment, staking, and governance, with a total supply of two billion. Immutable relies on the security of Ethereum, using zk-rollups for efficiency without sacrificing decentralization.

Immutable and Watch Dogs Crossover
Immutable and Watch Dogs Crossover

Polkastarter POLS

From April 3, get ready for a unique crossover event. Immutable partners with the Watch Dogs game to release digital trading cards. These collectibles will feature characters from Artellium, merging the gaming world with blockchain technology. It’s a fresh blend of digital art and gaming nostalgia.

Polkastarter is a decentralized platform that helps new web3 projects launch and raise funds through multi-chain token pools. It supports initial dex offerings across various blockchains and allows investors early access to these innovations.

Co-founded by Daniel Stockhaus, Tiago Martins, and Miguel Leite, Polkastarter offers a unique fundraising model that focuses on community growth. Their native token, POLS, not only facilitates platform transactions but also gives users a stake in project governance.

Security-wise, POLS tokens are built on the Ethereum network, leveraging the robustness of Ethereum’s proof-of-stake consensus. As for trading, POLS is available on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and through various trading pairs, primarily with WETH and USDT.

Polkastarter Private Sale Buzz"
Polkastarter Private Sale Buzz. Source: Polkastarter’s

Polkastarter announces an overwhelming response to the upcoming private sale for @GAM3Sgg. Scheduled for April 4, interested parties need at least 10k+ POLS Power to apply. Notably, having 50k+ POLS Power guarantees access. Additionally, applicants must complete a KYC process to participate.

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