Top five sports NFT drops and collectibles

NFT, Top five sports NFT drops and collectibles
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YEREVAN ( – The overlap between sports and non-fungible tokens (NFT) has been fascinating for many to watch as it spawned an industry segment that keeps expanding rapidly. Sport NFTs might boost the collectibles market to $690 billion in revenue by 2032, experts assess.

Keeping a finger on the Sport NFT pulse might prove helpful for avid collectors and beginners alike. Thus, here is a list of upcoming drops and several sports NFT collectibles that have already hit the market.

#1 Fanzone Sports Club sports NFT

Fanzone Sports Club aims to “bring together” soccer fans globally through a three-level access system and several collectible NFT series.

The Gold, Black, and Diamond pass serve as pre-sale access tickets. Thus, pass owners are first in line whenever a new NFT drops on the platform. Additionally, the passes “unlock unique virtual and on-site experiences, physical items, and digital collectibles,” – asserts the website.

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Moreover, the pass holders get 10% referral bonuses, private meetups, and a chance to meet football idols and other famous sports personalities on stadium tours. The project asserted that the array of benefits grows from the Gold to the Diamond pass. The latter includes an exclusive trip to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

According to the project roadmap, the NFT holders would “start accessing Fanzone Sports Club benefits” by mid-2022. Additionally, the first members-only community meetup is scheduled for late 2022-early 2023.

#2 Ferrari and Velas

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari signed a multi-year contract with Swiss blockchain startup Velas Network back in 2021. Moreover, the contract entailed that Velas would be the Title Sponsor of the Ferrari Esports Series, the online mono-brand series of the Prancing Horse, and the Esports team.

Most importantly for the subject at hand, in 2021, the partnership hinted at NFT collections in the works. Ferrari’s racing team Scuderia fans were the main target for the “exclusive digital content.”

NFT, Top five sports NFT drops and collectibles
Photo by Pascal Frei on Unsplash

According to the statement, the exclusive Ferrari NFT collection will drop around mid-2022.

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Meanwhile, the crypto community had already witnessed racing team NFTs back in the summer of 2021, when McLaren signed a deal with Tezos.

#3 Hockey Heroes

Hockey Heroes claims to be the “greatest NFT project on Solana.” As evident from the name, the project targets hockey fans who don’t mind ‘paying a buck’ for “3000 packs with 111 all-star players claimable as rare physical collectibles.”

Each pack of NFT hockey cards contains a pixel art representation of an NHL player. There are 3,333 cards in total, and, as the platform announced on May 6, 111 of them were minted in “Season 1.”

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Thus, the platform urged its potential buyers to “get their wallets ready” for an auction. The starting price will stand at 0.5 SOL tokens.

#4 Solana Sports Club

The second Solana-based entry on the list, Solana Sports Club, differs significantly from the Hockey Heroes. The collection claims to bring back a retro sports-card esthetic and provide “true physical utility” to its holders.

The perks of becoming a holder include real-life tickets and attendance at top sporting events. Additionally, participation in sporting events like exclusive fantasy leagues along with memorabilia and giveaways is available.

The entire collection includes 10,000 piece sport NFTs. The project claims to be deflationary, as cards are purchased back and burned. Thus, the mechanism increases the value and has a higher chance of winning per NFTAlso read: Sports and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT): A match made on a blockchain.

Solana minted the collection in April 2022 at an average price of 2 SOL per NFT.

#5 STEPN GMT NFT sneakers collection

As CoinChapter previously reported, the STEPN app took off rapidly in the previous month, making NFT news headlines. The project aimed to reward its users for various physical activities, like walking or running.

The platform also signed a deal with ASICS to create an NFT sneaker collection, which could earn its holder points in the STEPN app.

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