Unlocking the Multifaceted Utilities of THUNDER TREND TOKEN (T.T.T.) in the Smart United Network (S.U.N.) Ecosystem

What is TTT and what does it solve?


Thunder Trend Token (T.T.T.) is a TRC20 token on the TRON blockchain that is part of the Smart United Network Ecosystem (S.U.N.). It aims to address various problems that have plagued the cryptocurrency industry since its inception. Here’s a breakdown of what T.T.T. is and the issues it aims to solve:


Problems in the Cryptocurrency Industry:


Scams and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes: Fraudulent projects that steal people’s hard-earned money.

High Yield Investment Plans (HYIP): Mostly Ponzi schemes that lure new investors with promises of high returns.


Fake Cryptocurrency Mining Farms: Projects that claim to mine tokens that are actually Proof of Stake and cannot be mined.


Pump and Dump Schemes: Manipulative tactics by large holders (“Whales”) to artificially inflate and then crash token prices.


Market Manipulation by Whales: Whales have the power to influence markets negatively, often at the expense of smaller investors.


H.O.D.L. Mentality: The practice of holding onto tokens for a long time, hoping for future profits but often leading to losses.


The Solution: T.T.T. and the S.U.N. Ecosystem


T.T.T. aims to provide a more secure, transparent, and equitable environment for cryptocurrency investors. While specific details about how T.T.T. plans to achieve these goals would be in its whitepaper, the overarching aim is to create an ecosystem that minimizes the risks associated with the problems listed above.


Possible Features and Solutions:


  1. Transparency and Trust: By being part of a reputable ecosystem like S.U.N., T.T.T. could offer more transparency and trustworthiness than standalone tokens.
  2. Regulated Investment Plans: T.T.T. might offer investment plans that are regulated and audited, reducing the risk of Ponzi schemes.
  3. Authentic Mining Operations: If T.T.T. involves mining, it would likely be transparent about its operations, distinguishing itself from fake mining farms.
  4. Anti-Manipulation Measures: Features could be in place to prevent large holders from manipulating the token’s price.
  5. Community Governance: Token holders might have a say in the project’s direction, reducing the influence of whales.
  6. Sustainable Growth: T.T.T. could focus on long-term, sustainable growth rather than quick profits, encouraging a more stable investment.


In summary, Thunder Trend Token (T.T.T.) aims to be a solution to the various challenges and risks that have long plagued the cryptocurrency industry. By being part of the Smart United Network Ecosystem (S.U.N.), it seeks to offer a safer, more transparent, and more equitable investment environment.




Token Overview 


  1. Token name: Thunder Trend Token
  2. Token symbol: $TTT
  3. Total supply: 210,000,000
  4. Total circulation Supply: 915,887.4414127



Coinstore Listing


  1. Trading pair: TTT / USDT
  2. Trade time: 15 March 2023, 13:00 (UTC+8)
  3. Withdrawal time: 16 March 2023, 13:00 (UTC+8)




What are the utilities of TTT?


The THUNDER TREND TOKEN (T.T.T.) serves as the central utility token within the Smart United Network (S.U.N.) ecosystem. Here are its key utilities:


Access to Products and Services:

T.T.T. is the primary payment method for accessing all the products and services offered by S.U.N., which includes technical education, crypto trading, metaverse NFT gaming, business advertising, and sustainable development projects.


Transactional Utility:

T.T.T. will be used to perform transactions across various fields within the S.U.N. platform. This includes buying courses, purchasing in-game assets, and paying for advertising slots, among other things.


Passive Income Generation:

T.T.T. holders have the opportunity to generate a passive income through staking, farming, and yielding features. This allows members to earn additional T.T.T. tokens or other rewards over time.


Exclusive Transactional Rights:

T.T.T. will be listed on several exchanges compatible with the TRON Blockchain, including S.U.N.’s own THUNDER DEX. It will have exclusive transactional rights for the futuristic implementation of all products and services within the S.U.N. ecosystem.


Community Membership:

Holding T.T.T. could potentially grant members special privileges or voting rights within the community, allowing them to have a say in the direction of the platform.

Charitable and Sustainable Goals:

T.T.T. may also be used in community-driven initiatives aimed at poverty eradication and sustainable development, aligning with S.U.N.’s mission to make a positive impact.


Global Partnerships:

T.T.T. will be used in collaborations with global partners, providing members with new and exciting opportunities to earn rewards and enhance their financial freedom.


Empowering Innovators:

T.T.T. could serve as a financial tool for the next generation of influencers, innovators, and creators, helping them grow their ideas, businesses, and brands.

In summary, T.T.T. is designed to be a multi-functional utility token that not only facilitates transactions within the S.U.N. ecosystem but also offers a range of benefits from passive income generation to community participation and beyond.



What does the project ecosystem include? 


The Smart United Network (S.U.N.) Ecosystem is a comprehensive platform that aims to provide a range of products and services in the blockchain space. It is registered in South Africa and founded by Mr. Jean-Pierre Rademeyer. The ecosystem uses its utility TRON Blockchain Token, T.T.T., as the primary method of payment for all its offerings. Here’s a detailed look at what the project ecosystem includes:


Core Components:

Thunder Trend Token (T.T.T.): A TRC20 token based on the TRON protocol, serving as the main payment method within the ecosystem.


Thunder Trend Membership: Provides access to all current and future products and services developed by S.U.N.


Product Categories:

Tech Education: Courses in content creation, social media marketing, website development, and cryptocurrency.


Decentralized Exchange (Thunder DEX): Allows members to purchase Net-worth Points packages with T.T.T., exchange points for airdrop tokens, and earn points by completing tasks.


Metaverse NFT Gaming: Members can buy Game Points Packages with T.T.T. to play games, invest in Game NFT items, and earn more points.


Business Advertising Platform (Ad World): Members can purchase Ad Points Packages with T.T.T. to advertise their businesses and earn points by viewing ads.


TRON Thunder Affiliates: Likely an affiliate program to encourage community growth.


ECO Trading & Mining: A focus on eco-friendly trading and mining solutions.


Educational Platform:

Lightning Academy: Aims to guide members to become entrepreneurs and financially independent through various tech courses.


Sustainable Goals:

Crypto Mining Farms: Plans to allow community members to earn daily rewards for participating in crypto mining.


Self-Sustainability Villages: An initiative to teach community members how to build and live in self-sustainable villages.


Reward System:

Net-worth Points: Earned through participation in various products and services, and can be exchanged for airdrop tokens or other points within the ecosystem.


Game Points: Used in Metaverse NFT Gaming, can be earned or purchased with T.T.T.


Ad Points: Used in the Business Advertising Platform, can be earned by viewing ads or purchased with T.T.T.



Product Development: Scheduled completion by 2025 for most product categories.


Sustainable Development: Planning to start by 2024 and aim for 100% self-sustainability by 2030.


In summary, the S.U.N. Ecosystem is a multi-faceted platform aiming to provide a safe, trusted, and clean environment for its members. It focuses on techno education, cryptocurrency trading, metaverse gaming, NFTs, advertising, and sustainable development, all while using T.T.T. as its primary utility token.



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, Unlocking the Multifaceted Utilities of THUNDER TREND TOKEN (T.T.T.) in the Smart United Network (S.U.N.) Ecosystem

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