USD Sinks To  15-Month Lows, Aggressive Traders Buying TOADS To Stay Profitable

USD Sinks To  15-Month Lows, Aggressive Traders Buying TOADS To Stay Profitable

The United States Dollar sinks to 15-month lows and investors who have been cash-heavy rush to deploy capital into risk-on equities. The dollar has been seen by some as one of the worst assets to hold over an extended period, given its constant inflation and loss of value.

The Federal Reserve’s rapidly increasing interest rates strengthened the dollar over the past two years, but now that the hiking cycle has finished, the dollar’s strength has already unwound. Smart money and aggressive traders have bought DigiToads (TOADS) to stay profitable, and this deflationary asset looks poised to massively outperform in the coming months, especially compared to USD.

DigiToads (TOADS) A DeFi-Native Wealth Vehicle 

TOADS has raised more than $6.4 million in its presale and has already been hailed as one of the best altcoins to invest in this year. The protocol’s unique approach to earning in DeFi distinguishes it from other ERC20 coins, and analysts have already forecast $TOADS potentially 50Xing before the end of the year.

The two core protocol components cited to drive this growth are the Platinum Toads initiative and the Toad Tax. The former grants remote treasury control to the community’s twelve most profitable on-chain traders.

DigiToads holds monthly trading competitions to select these users, and for the entire month, they hold a Platinum Toad and can trade a portion of the treasury freely. They keep 10% of profits and aggressively expand the treasury, giving all $TOADS holders the benefits of a DeFi-native trading firm. Typically a financial vehicle reserved for high-net-worth individuals.

This makes TOADS a perfect crypto for beginners and highly unique given the prevalence of stagnant protocol treasuries. This innovative model could easily catapult TOADS into the top 100 based on its treasury holdings alone.

The Toad Tax is the core regulator of TOADS’ economic model, and it burns 2% of every transaction leading to a rapidly dwindling total supply of $TOADS. Scarcity has always driven value, and this mechanism allows investors to earn simply by holding.

This aggressive deflation was a key factor for traders who wanted to remain profitable, and a deflationary asset will always outperform an inflationary asset over an extended period. 

United States Dollar, USD Sinks To  15-Month Lows, Aggressive Traders Buying TOADS To Stay Profitable

The Collapse of the Dollar

The US Dollar has lost more than 97% of its value since 1912, and the observable trend concurrent amongst all fiat currencies is an eventual devaluation due to excessive money printing.

The FED printed an obscene amount of money during the Covid pandemic, further devaluing the dollar. Still, the hiking cycle and market fear caused investors to flee back into the dollar. Now that the cycle has finished and market sentiment improved, a scramble has occurred to allocate back into risk assets and reduce fiat holdings.

The endgame loser in markets and games of wealth will always be the investor holding fiat. Hence the aggressive purchase of $TOADS should come as no surprise. Having risk assets is the only way to preserve and grow wealth. 

United States Dollar, USD Sinks To  15-Month Lows, Aggressive Traders Buying TOADS To Stay Profitable

Closing Thoughts: A Depreciating Asset Versus An Appreciating Asset

The choice between USD and $TOADS is a no-brainer. One has a constantly increasing supply, and the other an aggressively deflationary supply. Why do the ultra-wealthy never hold cash? Because it has always been historically the worst-performing asset.

Risk assets like DigiToads have consistently outperformed, and the TOADS presale gives investors a lucrative opportunity to join what will likely be one of 2023’s top altcoins at the earliest adoption stage. As market sentiment gets increasingly bullish, new DeFi projects will lead, and DigiToads is at the front line. 

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