Voltichange Expands Market Reach with Widget and Deflationary Strategy

To further increase its reach, Volt Inu has also released a widget for all crypto projects. This tool enables them to provide their users with an easy way to buy directly from their website while burning their supply at the same time. 

, Voltichange Expands Market Reach with Widget and Deflationary Strategy

The Voltichange platform also came with several other features, such as a trending bar, token data, favorite trades and more, to make trading easier. With this innovative approach, Volt Inu sets an example of how decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges can be efficient while increasing adoption simultaneously.

Making all Tokens Deflationary

Volt Inu’s plan to launch the first-ever DEX making all coins deflationary is now a reality. With the recent launch of this DEX, every ERC20/BEP20 token can enjoy a burn rate increase due to the 0.25% fee burning their supply and an additional 0.25% fee supporting the VOLT token’s deflationary purpose through automatic buyback & burns.

These features, combined with an automated, permissionless and free listing system, make Voltichange a total game changer for every project in the industry.

In the crypto industry, deflationary tokens aim to reduce their supply over time, leading to increased value for holders. Voltichange accelerates the market’s deflationary ambitions, reaching the goal of a reduced token supply in a short amount of time.

Voltichange does not require any listing fees/liquidity to provide, helping out developers and projects of all sizes. This strategy is beneficial for projects in the industry as it provides them with more resources to fund their goals. Furthermore, it provides holders with a deflationary way to increase the value of their tokens.

The Launch of a Widget for All Crypto Projects

Another important piece of news is that all projects can add a Widget to their website with one click. The Widget will allow users to buy their tokens directly from the project’s website and burn them in a few clicks. 

This is incredibly valuable since it provides a way for projects to increase their accessibility and reduce their circulating supply. The Widget also helps to increase Voltichange adoption. We can easily see the adoption rate of this widget/DEX is already breaking records as more than 40 projects have already added it to their website in the first 10 days following its launch.

About Volt Inu

Volt Inu is an open, decentralized financial ecosystem powered by the native VOLT token. The aim is to bring profits back to the token to burn its supply, creating an ever-growing deflationary ecosystem.

Volt Inu ensures that all its users can access a range of products with unparalleled security, speed, and transparency. Furthermore, its low fees can give the community the power to leverage the full potential of decentralized finance.

Voltichange represents a major milestone for Volt Inu and a step forward in the crypto industry. With its innovative features, Voltichange sets a new standard for DEXs, making crypto more efficient and deflationary while increasing adoption.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Voltichange and Volt Inu can visit its website. Furthermore, the social media pages below provide further information and a platform for questions and feedback.

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, Voltichange Expands Market Reach with Widget and Deflationary Strategy

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