What Exchange Has the Most Altcoins and Benefits the Future of Cryptocurrency

What Exchange Has the Most Altcoins and Benefits the Future of Cryptocurrency

 Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. Originally started as a hobbyist to play around on the computer to mine to becoming a full fledge commodity for serious traders to buy, sell and trade. With the introduction of open source blockchain technology came a new innovative way to utilize it to create a smart contract platform, Ethereum (ETH). After an explosive growth in blockchain technology and its applications of uses users are now incentivise to find the next altcoin gem. Its imperative for individuals that want to take control of their financial future to have access to an exchanges with the most coins available to trade or hodl. Not only do you want to use a safe and security exchange to protect yours funds and personal data from hacks but an exchange that contributes to the blockchain space as well. There are varieties of options available to help navigate your journey into crypto trading, investing in the future of web3 projects, crypto lifestyle and social media and Gate SAFU through the Gate platform. Gate.io goes beyond mediocrity to bring an extraordinary teams together to create a one-stop shop platform in the market.

 Gate.io has a bit of everything for everyone from beginners to advanced traders and is currently based out of Hong Kong. The website features an entire suite of tools, news, live streams, chatroom, Hodl & Earn, Gate Venture, Gate SAFU and Gate Grants and the Gate blog. Gate.io crypto exchange is ranked no.1 and has over 1500+ coins and 2700+ trading pairs according to CoinMarketCap, No other exchange comes close. If users want exotic coins then its likely to get listed on Gate.io as they have a low barrier to entry for new projects to list their coins on their exchange. This is an excellent method as Gate.io does not charge a listing fee and helps the developer raise needed funds so it becomes a win-win for both the exchange through an Initial exchange offering(IEO) and project. If a coin gains momentum Gate.io will later add 3L and 3S leverage tokens to give its users additional exposure to the coin in multiple of 3 times the leverage without the risk of getting liquidated. Gate.io has products similar to stock options or derivative called sharkfin products geared towards less aggressive traders. In additional, Gate.io has several features for traders such as futures, P2P platform, auto-investing, copy trading, bot strategies, free NFT minting and its own DEX via hipodefi powered by the Gate chain(GT) token. Users that hold the GT token get access to new project listings, reduced trading fees and participate in exclusive GT activities. The exchange has its own dedicated page to help beginners to learn about cryptocurrency and earn rewards towards trading fees. For the immediate traders that actively enjoys passive income may consider liquidity mining, lending & single-asset vault, clouding mining and participate in polkdots’ parachains. For the active trader, Gate.io created a Big Data page to get the latest info from liquidation data, contract positions, long-short ratio, block trades, block orders, large transfers, holdings, direction of funds flow, funding rate, data monitor, price rise & fall, OTC, grayscale funds, indicators for forcasting, gate rankings and most recently due to the fallout of the FTX collapse a 100% proof of reserves page was created.

 The FTX collapse sent shock waves throughout the crypto space which in consequence caused Bitcoin price action further into the red. Users began to demand if their assets were safe after a major exchange going bust in less than a week. Thereby to give users peace of mind Gate SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) was put into the spotlight to reassure all users asset are backed and fully guaranteed. In fact, Gate.io was one of the first exchanges to do so immediately to help calm nervous users of insolvency issues.

 For the everyday exchange its business as usual. Users come in and trade and most retail leave after the bull market. Exchanges collect fees and most offer little to nothing to contribute to the crypto ecosystem but not Gate.io. However, despite market conditions such as a bear market or crypto winter Gate Grants continues to build and invest in the crypto space by providing $5K-100K seed funding, subsequent funding, inter-resource, eco-properity, listing support and technical support to new “open source innovative projects building the future of web3 and open finance” (Gate Medium) even if the project decides not to use Gatechain. The Gatechain is “A blockchain dedicated to fund safety and decentralized exchange” (Gate Grants) with strategic partners to help new projects to onboard the next wave of crypto users.

 There are several ways to invest into the future either early stage crypto protocols(tokens) and fintech startups(equities). Its imperative to take part in any way possible and the best way method is through a VC (Venture Capital) fund. Gate Ventures was created to focus on investing decentralized infrastructure, ecosystems, and applications that will reshape the world in the digital age (Gate medium). Gate Ventures has three main arenas to concentrate in infrastructure on layer 1, layer 2 and cross-chain with essential roles from custody, banking, spot/derivatives and data analytic. In order to have mass adoptions in crypto it must be made simple to on board users in order to exchange, interact and accrue value “similar to the internet in the early days, crypto applications are poised to transform all aspects of people’s lives and create a digital world” (Gate Medium). Gate Ventures is designed for builders and investors to come together and make contributions to the crypto industry as a whole.

 Gate.io introduced the Gate Pay for users to shop, play games, attend live events(in development), pay for gift cards and even book flights, hotels via gate wallet using the App to enjoy a one-stop crypto lifestyle experience with new merchants on boarding consistently.

 Gate.io has an engaging social media with coin updates, fun activities, red packets(airdrops), trading competition, TA Tuesdays and even jokes occasionally the exchanges gives you plenty of opportunities to earn free crypto. The YouTube channel is a valuable resource hub for weekly AMA, learn and earn workshops and the latest crypto news coverage. Sign up is such a breeze that you can verify your credentials through your mobile device for your conveniences.

 The choice is undoubtedly clear. Users can choose any exchange they desire but why settle on mediocrity when you can have crypto trading, investing in the future of web3 projects, a crypto lifestyle, active social media and Gate SAFU. Indeed, users can select other exchanges however Gate.io is an all in one platform that benefits developers, investors, institutions and traders with the most altcoins then any other.

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