Why Bitop has grown incredibly popular among crypto-traders

Bitop, Why Bitop has grown incredibly popular among crypto-traders

Bitop, one of the world’s leading centralized exchanges, has continued to set new popularity milestones over the past couple of months. Bitop’s average 24 hours trading volumes have surged past $1 billion on many days in the past month alone. By studying the demographics of the Crypto market, the Bitop team continues to unroll plans that have no doubt been the immense driver behind the growth. Some of the features of the exchange are discussed in this article.

The BTOP token 

Following the trend of successful token launches seen in the crypto market and the increasing need for value transfer, Bitop announced the launch of their native token—the BTOP token. While the token had been in development since May 2021, the primary functions revolved around reducing transaction fees, registration invitation rewards, collateralized lending, and other interesting community rewards.

Unlike the multiple token launches with very little or no utility plans, Bitop has a 5-year long roadmap that includes an on-chain staking protocol, a contribution proof portal, a leveraged staking system, amongst many others. Without a doubt, the BTOP token is set to be a long-term conversation in the centralized and decentralized crypto spaces.

A simple and user-friendly interface 

Simplicity, despite sophistication, is the dream of most crypto tools. Bitop offers its users the choice of multiple user trading interfaces but what is common to them all is they’re user friendly. The interface displays price charts, asset values, wallets, and users can toggle between the interfaces and customize their asset display.

The overall user interface is easy to use with key trading features such as the free demo account (up to 100k USDT in virtual funds), over one hundred CFD trading pairs. Bitop has three levels of API security, and the copy trading function and highly sophisticated functions have been incredibly simplified on the interface.

Reduced trading fees

Of course, the unending search of all traders, intraday, or long-term holders is cheaper trading fees on their favorite trading platforms. Bitop exchange offers the best trading fees on its contract for derivative (CFD) platform and the spot exchanges. The takers and makers are charged a 0.1% trading fee, while CFD trades are charged 0.2%. 

The CFD platform, compared to most centralized exchanges, offers significantly higher leverage on many crypto assets. This combination of high leverage and reduced trading fees has been a huge driver behind the growth of the Bitop ecosystem.

Copy-trading functions 

The copy trading tool has grown increasingly popular in crypto trading over the past couple of years. By allowing traders to copy trades of enormously successful traders on the platform, Bitop’s copy trading tool has become a popular tool, especially for newbies on the platform.

Overall, Bitop has risen to the challenges of centralization and is building through new landmarks that will improve synergy in the crypto world as a whole. Bitop is one of the most innovative platforms in user experience and constantly invests in trader support and constant support for Bitop Users. 

How to join the Bitop revolution 

Register a demo account on www.Bitop.com

Join their social media channels for regular updates

Telegram https://t.me/Bitop_Exchange

Twitter https://twitter.com/bitop_exchange

Facebook https://web.facebook.com/bitopofficial/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bitop_exchange/

Bitop, Why Bitop has grown incredibly popular among crypto-traders

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