World Cup Apes Presents an Opportunity to be a Part of Global Football Business

Investment in the football industry has been a privilege for a select few until now. However, investors now have the chance to become serious players in this worldwide enterprise. 

, World Cup Apes Presents an Opportunity to be a Part of Global Football Business

A groundbreaking mix of blockchain and football is transforming the sports industry, making it accessible to everyone. NFTs play a central role in this revolution, and the World Cup Apes team wants to lead this change.

Joining the Global Football Business Through NFTs

When discussing their strategy, the project’s founders mentioned several milestones in their go-to-market approach. World Cup Apes has the support of experts who have already made their mark on the global football scene.

The project chose to create a unique collection of 5000 3-D figures depicting the world’s most famous soccer players as humanoids. 

These ERC-721 figures depict the uniforms of the world’s top football teams. Each digital creation has a distinct look that differentiates it from the others.

The team decided to launch a native cryptocurrency for World Cup Apes. The NFT staking procedure and participation in the DAO platform will require using the WCA utility token.

The WCA Digital Investment Fund will operate under the influence of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Digital Investment Fund will be responsible for purchasing and managing the image rights of upcoming football stars worldwide. 

A Comprehensive NFT Collection

A part of the project’s exclusive NFTs entered the market through a private sale. This operation targeted medium and large industry investors. 

After that, the public auction gradually began, with lots of either 200 or 500 NFT. This strategy aims to generate scarcity and ensure that the market price is always greater than the public selling price.  

The marketing developments will be the primary factor in determining when the future lots will be available on the market. This timing will also depend on the date at which notable figures from the world of sports will join this growing project. 

In preparation for the World Cup event in Qatar, an additional collection of three thousand unique NFTs will be available.  

The collection will include humanoid versions of different players with the permission of the various federations.

If the initiative manages to acquire the authorizations from the federations, the uniforms would be distinguishable by the following characteristics: 

  • The number on the jersey 

  • The emblem of the national team 

  • The logos of the organizations that sponsor support them.

About World Cup Apes

World Cup Apes, a one-of-a-kind 3D NFT collection, is bringing 5,000 different Human Apes on the market. These NFTs have multiple traits and present various rarity levels, an essential feature for digital collectors.

The team explains that the football industry has only made many people rich. Through the financial democratization of blockchain technology, World Cup Apes envisions a future where more investors profit from this market.

The project’s website and the social media pages below contain more information about this upcoming exciting NFT initiative.

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, World Cup Apes Presents an Opportunity to be a Part of Global Football Business

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