Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance gears up for Strong Holder Offering on DAO Maker

Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance gears up for Strong Holder Offering on DAO Maker
Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance gears up for Strong Holder Offering on DAO Maker

Incentivization is one of the driving forces to attract participation in a decentralized economy. Pera Finance is an early-stage yield farming protocol that enables traders, liquidity providers, holders, and stakers to farm together.

Upholding aspects of sustainability, Pera Finance is one of the profitable yield farming protocols to impart immense value to the users. It is an advanced platform that offers trading and yield farming to drive the long-term utility of the DeFi ecosystem. Furthermore, it aims to integrate decentralization with customized trading competitions to revolutionize DeFi 2.0.

Pera Finance’s native token to debut on DAO Maker

Leading decentralized infrastructure funding platforms have changed the way projects ideate their funding frameworks for future developments. While reducing risks to investors, DAO Maker employs growth technologies building a secure platform for projects to raise funds. DAO Maker is instrumental in transforming ideas to reality where innovative projects like Pera Finance are accelerating towards their success. 

After successfully completing their strategic-funding rounds of $1.75M with close-knit investor support, Pera Finance is all set to launch on DAO  Maker. The Strong Holder Offering is an opportunity for the community to participate in early rounds of accessing $PERA tokens.

The DAO Maker SHO registrations for Pera Finance will take place on 16th June at 12:00 UTC and will continue for 2 consecutive days. The deadline for the registrations is 18th June at 12:00 UTC. Through the upcoming SHO, Pera Finance aims to provide equal opportunity to the community users to participate in the sale. A total of $250,000 worth of $PERA tokens will be allocated to the community at a $0.10 price per token. The allocation is split into a $245,000 SHO & $5,000 community round. The allocation cap per winning participant will be $1000. Users are eligible to participate in both rounds; however, KYC is mandated to access the tokens.

To participate, users have to stake their DAO or DAO LP tokens which can be received by buying the $DAO tokens or adding liquidity to the $DAO Uniswap liquidity pool. Depending on the tranche of LP tokens the users hold, they will be eligible to participate in the SHO. Moreover, a random lottery method will be applicable for shortlisting the winning entries. 

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Pera Finance brings innovative trading and yield farming protocol model via customizable decentralized trading competitions with increased scalability. Pera Finance has achieved the initial milestones of launching websites, a whitepaper, and smart contract audits with a strong development and marketing team. The ongoing performance has garnered massive attention from the community for the upcoming IDO. 

With a stellar team continuously working on the product and development front, Pera Finance aims to integrate various projects to create their own set of decentralized trading competitions. Furthermore, the platform will drive increased utility due to several rewarding mechanisms for end-users to participate in trading competitions.

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